Channel Letter Signs in Denver

Perhaps one of the reasons that channel letter signs have become such a popular type of exterior sign, is because of the design flexibility that they offer. Nearly any font or design can be converted into a fantastic looking channel letter sign for the front.


The illumination options are many as well. Channel letter signs have historically been illuminated by neon lights. Today, LED lights are the preferred option. LED lighting offers many advantages when it comes to channel lettering. They are brighter, less expensive, and they last longer. LED bulbs will burn virtually forever when connected to a consistent power source.

When it comes to exterior business signs, there are few better or more professional choices than channel letter signs. Each letter, or group of letters in some cases, is individually constructed and illuminated from within. When installed on a contrasting wall surface (be it brick, stone, or wood) the result is a professional and highly visible sign.

The Denver Print Company can turn any company logo or wordmark into a fantastic and professional looking sign. If you don’t have a design in mind, our experienced graphic design team can help you with that too. Contact us today!