image of post and panel sign

Interested in grabbing the attention of those on the go! Then a custom designed and printed post and panel sign could be essential. Post and panel signs are extremely important for several types of businesses. This cost effective sign gets the attention you seek. Grab the interest of future tenants and investors, and inform residents of new commercial structures. They're great for your commercial real estate project. Denver Print Company offers a few different options for Post and Panel signs in Denver, starting with a simple MDO board up to a customizable LED display board. Illuminated or changeable scrolling LED panels have become very cost effective in the last few years. As you may have noticed, more and more businesses are converting to this type of sign. If the sign only needs to last 1 - 2 years, it is a more cost effective option to use MDO board.


MDO Board post and panel signs

Made from a sturdy pre-treated wood, this material comes with a smooth white surface that makes it easy to adhere a laminated adhesive vinyl. Because the surface is a smooth yet highly attractive to adhesives, the MDO board is a favorite among construction sites, real estate agents, and commercial property owners. MDO is the ideal choice for temporary site signs, rental signs, and building information signs, making them a great option for property managers and commercial real estate companies.

Alumalite for post and panel signs

Here at Denver Print Company, we particularly love this material for signs. Aluminum faces and high-density plastic filler make this sign material light in weight and unrivaled in durability. The high-density plastic filler gives Alumalite the strength it needs to fight the harsh elements in Colorado. The smooth aluminum surface of this custom post and panel sign works perfectly with full color printed adhesive vinyl. Print full-color photos, detailed outlines, or renderings of future structures and show them off in style.


LED panels for Post and Panel signs

Imagine your property listing on the side of a busy road with the full-color, bright animation attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of people passing by. LED panels allow you to promote more than one real estate opportunity on any given sign. By using advanced computer technology, you can upload new slides and bring your advertising to a new high tech level of signage. The eye-catching appeal of LED post and panel signs offer the flexibility needed for long term sign placements. Display numerous messages, deals, or properties and give yourself the control needed to guide your marketing. Contact Denver Print Company today to learn more about these sign options.


Post and Panel Sign Design

You’ve selected the type of material that suits your project best. Great! Now let’s get the right design for the material and get this job completed. We know how important it is that you have a professional design your sign and get it up as soon as possible. When it comes to marketing your business, we take it very seriously. That’s why Denver Print Company employees 3 full-time graphic design professionals. Select the color and font and add your own company logo. Work one on one with our professional design staff to get the perfect sign today.  

Post and Panel Install

Denver Print Company employees some great installation professionals, but some of the time these types of signs require a little extra construction and access to tools we don’t have. Don’t worry, though, we have subcontractors that are ready to jump in and get the job done. All subcontractors we work with are licensed and bonded and all of them have over 5 years of installation experience to even be considered a trusted vendor. We did the vetting for you and now you can focus on what matters most: Running your business.