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Display your products as well as other vital information on a menu board

Whenever you go to a restaurant, the first thing you might pick up is the menu card / brochure. It is natural for people to first check the price of the item they wish to order. People usually do not go for the costliest item on the menu. They choose to have a balanced approach, weighing cost versus appetite. Hotels and restaurants are aware of this behavior and, hence, bunch their most commonly ordered items together in a similar price bracket. You can judge the quality of a restaurant from the quality of its menu card.


The menu board

If a menu card can have such an impact on the restaurant,  imagine what a menu board can do.  Many restaurants have large menu boards that display the same items present in a menu card, but in a much-magnified manner.  They are usually designed and installed so that customers will be able to see the menu board from any corner of the restaurant.

What can a menu board display?

A menu board can, of course, display item names and prices as a paper menu would, but it has added advantages:

  1. More room for displaying images of food.
  2. With only one menu board in the restaurant, as opposed to many paper menus, interchangeability becomes easy. Display the special items for the particular day.
  3. For the same reason as above, it is easy to change prices. Raise prices during busy seasons, for example, and then easily lower them again when business slows.

Different types of menu boards:

Denver Print Company offers several types of menu boards but you can divide them into two different categories to simplify things a little.  You have printed menu boards and digital menu boards, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.


Printed Menu Boards

A printed menu board is ideal for businesses that have a consistent menu or list of services.  This type of sign is cost effective, durable and a great presentation that your customers will appreciate.  These types of signs are considered cost-effective, based on the type of material selected to have printed on and mounted.  A lower cost piece of foam board may only cost $200 after printed, where are the same size printed directly to a piece of aluminum could double the price based on thickness.  Our experts will ask the right questions in order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible and, if required, we are prepared to have a professional installer make a site visit.  Site visits can be extremely beneficial for the sign maker and the sign client. It gives both parties the opportunity to discuss in detail the process, location, structure, and time frame.  At Denver Print Company we are extremely proud to offer such fast service and professional project management. Our team is with you every step of the way.

The advantages of using printed menu boards:

  • Visual improvement:  Give your customers a high quality, well-designed menu to order from and you will be surprised how well it converts and relieves your staff from having to answer too many questions so that they can focus on taking orders.  You could also save on having smaller handheld menus printed.
  • Marketing tool:  Your menu board will help you sell more or your products or services.  By having the menu available to anyone who walks into your store you give people more time to select multiple items or to find the premium higher-priced items.
  • Cost effective:  Based on the selected material your sign can be a big cost saver for your business.  It won’t be long before your sign is making you enough money to more than cover the cost of having it made.
  • Easy to install:  Save money by having a light-weight and easy to move and install menu board.
  • Relocate:  Printed menu boards are easy to move around and adjust based on traffic flow and store remodeling.


A menu board is a very important part of one’s business. It can display a variety of information and can contribute to the growth of the company in many ways.