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Any size, shape, or color

Denver Print Company is proud to offer some of the highest quality full-color sticker printing in Denver.  Until a couple years ago, we were not able to print stickers in-house and were forced to sub-contract the work to other local print shops.  We were happy to help our customers get the product they were looking for, but we were not always happy with the quality we received.  With the purchase of a new Mimaki print-cut wide format printer, Denver Print Company became capable of handling large and small runs of high definition sticker prints.  We now can print any size, shape, or color sticker and can deliver them to you individually cut or on a sheet.  Having the ability to print and cut at the same time is faster and cheaper. This savings get passed on to our customers.

Stickers are great for guerrilla marketing campaigns. Business owners and marketers are always looking for ways to get their business out there and stickers are a great way to “go viral.”  Giving each of your customers a sticker after making a purchase, or when they come visit your store, is a great way to have clients spread the word about your business for you.

Stickers as Product Labels

XG pot labelsCustom stickers are a great way to label products, brand merchandise, and inform customers. We have created custom stickers for new products like lip balms, soups, candy bars and energy drinks. Over the last few years, we have even created stickers for marijuana edible products.  Stickers make a great low-cost label that allows a new business to test different labels before committing to larger offset sticker printing that has higher quantities and a much higher price point. With low-quantity and low-cost sticker printing, you can now test hundreds of designs before committing. This will save you a lot of money. Contact us today!

  • Size must be exact including the required bleed
  • All text and logos must be a minimum of 1/8" from the edge
  • Color mode must be CMYK
  • File type may be: TIF, JPG, PDF, EPS, or PSD
  • Outline fonts or supply font files with print files
  • More info Here
  • Complex or very small die cuts can be challenging for plotters. We recommend standard shapes for a higher quality product.
  • Giving out stickers is a cool way to get your name out there.
  • Adding a web address is a good way to drive traffic.
  • Better yet, add a QR code! This allows people to use their smartphone to link to your website, or just about anything else. QR codes can link to a phone number, map, calendar event, email list sign-up, or an advertising message. Here's a website to generate your own QR code for free:
  • Keep it simple. A good sticker will draw eyes with a passing glance.
  • Allow your sticker to have greater impact by investing in professional graphic design. A killer sticker design can be of use for many years!
We offer Rush sticker printing of all sizes and amounts. Stock may vary, so please call ahead. Rush Fees Apply   
  • 48 hour turnaround available
  • 24 hour turnaround available

Standard turnaround -

3 days from the confirmation of digital or printed proof.