Floor Graphics

boardroom with denver print logo on floor

Adding floor graphics to your storefront or showroom floor is a great way to advertise and is also cost effective. These types of graphics can be found at grocery stores, convenient stores, boutiques, game stores and malls.  They work great for directing foot traffic to sales and promotional locations in a store.  Denver Print Company specializes in both carpet adhesive and clear print title adhesive vinyls.  Full-color printing gives this type of advertising some real pop, grabbing the attention of anyone passing by.  The smooth finish vinyl printed by Denver Print Company is produced by using our state of the art UV flatbed printer and then laminated to withstand several hundred thousand shoes in high traffic areas. Floor graphics are typically printed in pairs to save money and time when reprints are needed.  On average, a full-color laminated floor graphic can last 4 – 5 months when in a high traffic area.

Custom floor graphics design

Custom floor graphics are simple, straight to the point designs with arrows or a form of direction to guide the customer.  Denver Print Company has a full staff of Denver graphic designers to help bring your idea to life.  We like to take a comprehensive approach to when designing for your retail location.  First, we take a walk through of the  location, this process allows us to get in the mindset of your customer.  We explore the layout of the store and gather as much feedback on the goals of the campaign.  Once we have outlined the objectives we generate sketches placed over photos that we collect while on location.  Once we have approval on the direction it is a matter of days before the final proofs are sent and the printing can begin.  On average the process can take 4 – 7 business days.


Floor graphics are extremely easy to install, but they are also easy to ruin. Denver Print Company offers installation on all wide format products. This saves you time and headaches.