Local Banner Printing in Denver

(Price matching on 13oz vinyl banners only.)

Denver Print Company is your go-to shop for banner printing in Denver. We have the lowest prices for any local printer, and we even beat most online national companies. And did we mention … DPC will price-match any quote on 13oz vinyl banners from a local competitor. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.

If it’s your first time purchasing a banner, it may seem like a fairly simple proposition. There are, however, many issues to consider. Some even may require a bit of homework on your part before requesting a quote.

What Size Banner Should I Get?

Charles D. Jones Co. Banner

Many customers who contact us for a banner quote are not at all sure of the size of the banner that they need. “What are the standard sizes?” is a question that we get a lot. The truth is that is no standard size for a banner. The materials used to make a banner come in large industrial rolls that can be cut down or spliced together to create virtually any size banner imaginable. Because of this, it is up to the customer to consider some factors before purchasing a banner.

The first thing to take into consideration is where the banner will be hanging or displayed. What size banner will fit appropriately in the space that is available? Measure the wall space or the fence on which your banner will hang. Do you want it to go edge to edge and top to bottom, or do you want some space on the sides?

Banner sales at Denver Print Company

The other size to consider is the size of the text and graphics printed on your banner. If your banner is simply going to say “Grand Opening” or “Now Hiring”, there’s not much to think about here. Whatever size banner you decide on, put your text in the middle, big and bold. Done. If your banner might require more text, then you should think about who you are aiming your message at. Messages aimed at drivers quickly moving by will need to be bigger and simpler. If your target might have more time to read, such as with a pedestrian, then smaller text is ok.

The quote and design process for your banner will go much smoother if you have gone over these issues before contacting us. Of course, if you need help with any of these considerations, we’re here for you. Contact us and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.

cherry creek arts festival merchandise banner

What Materials are Banners Made of?

13oz vinyl is the most common material used for banner printing, but we have a number of other offerings available.

13oz Vinyl

As mentioned, this is the most common banner material. (Called “13oz” because one square foot of the material weighs 13 ounces.) 13oz vinyl is also the most common and most affordable banner material. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, and Denver Print Company always has it in stock. This material is affordable because of how common it is and how easy it is to get, but that does not mean it is of low quality. We use 13oz vinyl for 90% of our banner projects. The prints are always bright and vivid and the durability is more than adequate for short-term usage, inside or out.

If you need a rush banner printing job, you may have to use this material, as many of our other materials are special order and we may or may not have them in stock.

Mesh Banners

mesh banner close-up

Mesh banners are designed for windy outdoor situations where a standard 13oz vinyl banner might rip. The material has tiny holes, similar to a screen door, that allow wind to pass through. When viewed from a distance, they have a semi-transparent look to them, but the text and design can still be clearly seen.

An alternate approach for windy outdoor situations, that some other print shops use, is to cut slits in the 13oz vinyl. Though this solution is slightly cheaper, we at Denver Print Company try to steer our customers away from it. If the wind gets too strong, those slits can easily turn into full top-to-bottom rips and the entire banner falls apart. After a few to many bad experiences early on, we decided this was not the way to go.

Fabric Banners

Fabric is the most durable and long-lasting banner option. It is also the most expensive. We don’t get many requests for fabric banners because most customers looking for something temporary when they want a banner. For long-term installations though, you can’t beat the look and ruggedness of a fabric banner.

Another advantage of fabric is that it has no glare. With a vinyl banner, if it catches the light just right, the image on the banner can be completely obscured. This doesn’t happen with a fabric banner. So if this is important to you, you may want to consider investing a little more in order to get a glare-free banner.

16oz Vinyl Banners

16oz vinyl is primarily used for double-sided printing because the 13oz variety is to thin to apply a quality print to both sides. However, if are simply interested in a thicker and more durable one-sided vinyl banner, 16oz vinyl is a great option for that as well.

How Can I Hang My Banner?

In the print industry, we call this “finishing.” As in, “How would you like your banner finished?”

Our standard finishing process is to hem and grommet. This entails folding over the edges of the banner and placing metal re-inforced holes at the corners and every two feet along the sides. This finishing is included in the price of every Denver Print Company banner.

Other finishing options include sewn-in rope, reinforced corners, pole pockets, velcro, D-rings, and webbed corners. All shown below.

banner finishing options

Other Types of Banners

Two other common types of banners that we produce are step and repeat banners and pull-up banners.

Step and Repeat Banners

comic-con photo shoot

Step and repeat banners are the banners that you have likely seen at red-carpet events or behind athletes when they are interviewed after a game. They are large square banners, commonly 10ft x 10ft, presented on a lightweight frame. The design usually includes multiple corporate logos staggered and alternated across the banner.

The idea with them is brand-placement. Companies like having their logos seen in the same image as a celebrity. The multiple logos allows for visibility at a variety of angles. Even if your event does not have any celebrities attending, step and repeat banners can still be a fun addition to any “feel like a VIP” event.

Outdoor Channel step & repeat banner

Pull-up Banners

fitness on the rocks pull-up banner

Primarily used for trade shows corporate events, this pull-up banners (also called retractable banners) come conveniently rolled up in a metal case that also doubles as a stand. They are tall and narrow and pull out of the case like an upside down window shade. There is no easier way to transport a professional-looking and effective display stand with you around the country or around the world.