Window Graphics Printing in Denver

spa window graphics

Small businesses and marketers are always looking for an inviting way to introduce themselves to new clients. Custom printed window graphics are a great solution. Denver Print Company has printed and installed over 5,000 uniquely designed and shaped window graphics in Denver. No size is too big and no shape is too odd for our team and we know from experience that it can be a bit of a challenge for inexperienced installers to get it just right.

Make the best impression possible with a full-color window graphic on your store entrance or on the rear windshield of your vehicle. Businesses such as salons, restaurants, medical marijuana centers, auto retailers, repair shops, and clothing stores use custom window graphics to display sales, promotional items, and to highlight upcoming events. Denver is notorious for its rules on outdoor advertising, signage, and banners used to promote businesses.  One way around those rules is to use custom window graphics. They don’t require permits in most cases, so it’s a great way to eliminate the need for additional red tape and costs you may incur with traditional signage.

Covering up your storefront windows is also a way to avoid the drawback of low in-store traffic. It’s reasonable to want others to see people inside your business; this can draw more customers in. But what about the scenario when there are just a few, or maybe no customers? Using window graphics with full bright colors can help with that problem. Window graphics provide a welcoming image to potential customers considering trying your business for the first time, as well as to those who come in often.  The cost to change these images is reasonable enough to flow with the seasons or upcoming sales.

Designing Window Graphics

Denver Print Company has a large collection of royalty free stock photos and fonts as well as the ability to use your own logo in the design.  Our wide selection of stock images gives you unlimited potential possibilities for your store front design. We have designed for spas, gyms, restaurants of all flavors, auto repair shops and sporting good stores. Contact us to consult with a graphic designer.

  1. Size must be exact including the required bleed
  2. All text and logos must be a minimum of 1/8" from the edge
  3. Color mode must be CMYK
  4. File type may be: JPG, TIFF or PDF
  5. (if you send a PDF we are not responsible for missing links or fonts)
  1. Properly clean the surface of your window perf when you clean your windows. Windex will not damage the vinyl.
  2. Direct sunlight is okay if the vinyl gets laminated.
  3. Add a QR code for instant sales and customer tracking
  4. Use full color and grab your customers attention.
With over 5,000 different window graphic images installed in Denver. The Denver Print Company would be more than capable of designing your next window graphic.

Standard turnaround

5 days from the confirmation of digital or printed proof.