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one way sign with 'traffic signs' on itStill looking great to this day

Denver Print Company has printed and installed hundreds of traffic signs in Denver, Colorado.  Our traffic-directing signs found in parking lots, apartment complexes and commercial structures are still looking great to this day.  On average, our sturdy aluminum signs will last for well over 5 years and, depending on the location and material requested, we can extend that product life even more.

We focus on the higher quality material for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that when our name and reputation are on the line. We want the best product on display representing your brand, and ours. Secondly, the material providers of higher quality materials stand by their product 100% and are much easier to work with when problems arise.  Also, in order to set ourselves apart and help our customers choose long-term solutions that they will be happy with, we prefer to use the higher quality 3m materials. Traffic signs play a key role in telling a driver or pedestrian what they can and cannot do.  Without the proper material being used to construct traffic signs, faded or rusted signs can lead to driver errors and confusion.

Although focus on higher quality materials from a production material standpoint, we do also offer some cost-saving options.

Traffic Sign Design

From directing traffic on major highway overpasses to smaller on-road detour signs the Denver Print Company can set you up with the perfect traffic sign.  Our professional design staff has worked with several municipalities in Colorado to create high-quality traffic signs that are cost effective, installed properly, and, most importantly, easy to read from a distance.  Although the science of traffic sign creation is not new, it can still be overlooked when making sizing decisions for traffic signs. When a professional designs your sign(s), they can make sure that all factors are fully discussed and understood. Things such as material type, dimensions, colors, and the message that is going to be on display. Request a graphic design quote.


Traffic Sign installation

Typically, large traffic signs are installed by the department of transportation. If you are a smaller traffic company, however, your signs can be fully designed, fabricated, and installed by Denver Print Company. Our traffic signs come in many shapes and sizes and will often have options to be mounted to weighted frames that keep them upright on the road. Larger signs may require that an outside installation company assist. Denver Print Company can make several recommendations as to who would be good for your job.