Directory Signs


Also known and building directories or wayfinding signs, these types of signs come in many different sizes, shapes, forms, and materials. Their primary commonality, of course, is the purpose that they serve: They help the visitors to your building find what, or who, they are looking for.

Denver Print Company has designed, fabricated, and installed directory signs for many companies in Colorado. Though these signs certainly fill a practical need, they also provide an opportunity for branding and promotion. It is important that they present the right image for both the building itself and the tenants. We would be eager to work with you to design a branding solution that both building management and tenants are happy with.

Things to consider ...

  • Branding and image presentation
  • Type of material
  • Whether or not to include lighting
  • Whether or not to include a map
  • The ease (and cost) with which names and numbers can be changed

Some of the more common materials used for directory signs include plastic, acrylic, glass, brushed metal, and wood. Some incorporation of stone can also be very attractive. Many directory signs also feature lighting elements. These days, lighting usually done with LED lights because they are relatively inexpensive and they don’t burn out.

  directory sign example

The Interchangeability of your Directory Sign

A common requirement for building directory signs, is that the names and numbers be interchangeable and replaceable. Some types of directory signs are easier to update than others. Building management will always want to weigh the aesthetic appeal of their sign against the ease and cost of making updates to the sign. While perhaps more attractive, an etched aluminum sign will have a higher cost and amount of work associated with updating an entry than with a sign where you can simply remove a plastic covering and slip in a new piece of paper.

A major factor, therefore, in considering the type of sign that will work for your building, is the amount of turnover that their is. In a building with a stable line-up of tenants, management might feel more comfortable installing more attractive and permanent directory signage. If your directory is for an apartment building where many tenants are changing every year, you may want to focus on ease of changeability.

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