Acrylic is a transparent, colorless, and highly durable material that is perfect or many types of signs. It is commonly the go-to material for ADA signage, directory signs, lobby signs, property management signs (such as unit & building numbers), and menu boards, to name just a few examples.

The acrylic used for signage is designed to be printed upon directly using UV ink. The end result with this type of printing is always bright, vivid, and true to color. Acrylic can also be used as a platform for adhering vinyl decals. This is a great option if you think you may be changing graphics sometime in the future. The vinyl can easily be removed and replaced with a new design. This is much cheaper than having to purchase a new piece of acrylic. Also, there is little visual difference between direct-print acrylic signs and vinyl adhesive acrylic signs.

live consulting lobby sign

If choosing the direct-print method, you also will have the option of having your image printed “second surface.” Second surface is an industry term for printing on the back side of clear acrylic. The end result is that you view your finished print through the acrylic. Stylistically, this can be a beautiful look. It also helps protect the print from damage.

Whichever method you choose, acrylic signs are excellent for a simple, affordable, durable, and fantastic-looking sign!

Denver Print Company specializes in the production of custom printed and installed acrylic signs. Made from weather-resistant cast polymer that is colorless, as well as durable our .125 acrylic signs are the perfect substitution for traditional glass. Both indoor and outdoor materials are available. They can be used as lobby signage, directional signage, menu signs, and architectural signage and can be directly printed on using our flatbed printer or used as a rigid substrate to attach print films like opaque and clear window decals or backlit.