Construction Site Signage: What Signs Are Needed?

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Construction signage is a key component of any construction site. There are many different types of signs that need to be made, including mesh banners, fence banners, post and panel signs, traffic signs, and safety signs. This page will discuss the importance of having these sign-types at your construction site, both to advertise your company and ensure the safety of your worker.

Why Do I Need Construction Signage?

Signs on a construction site can serve multiple purposes. They can be used to highlight construction equipment or construction progress, as well as to provide important safety information, or designate a construction zone.

In addition to providing practical functions on a construction site, signs also serve an advertising function for your company by making sure that passersby see your business logo prominently displayed at all times.

While your team is on a job site, that space is yours to post the custom construction signs that you need to post. Take advantage of that free advertising space by making sure your business name, logo, and other information are prominently displayed to passers-by.

Choosing the Right Signs for Your Construction Site

There are a variety of construction signs needed for most construction sites, and fortunately for you, Denver Print Co. makes them all. We can be your single source for all of your signage needs, whether you need construction site signs or something different.

The sign types you’ll need depend on what kind of construction is being performed and whether or not there’s a lot of people around (such as nearby residences), if it’s near major roads, and how much traffic goes past the site each day.

Types of Construction Signs

You may have a construction sign or construction signs that can be used repeatedly from job to job at different construction sites. Every construction site presents at least a few unique signage needs, however.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of construction site signs you may need for your site:

mesh banner on a construction site fence

Mesh Banners

It is common for a construction property to have banners displayed for the duration of a project. These banners are typically hung on fences, or sometimes on trees at the construction site entrance to draw attention to the contractor’s name and logo.

An issue that comes up with banners being hung outdoors for an extended period of time is, of course: wind.

On a windy day, a solid vinyl banner can easily turn into a sail, which can be quite destructive. The best-case scenario is that the banner itself rips in two. But a strong gust into a solid banner can also take down a fence or other construction equipment.

The solutions to this problem are either a banner with slits or a mesh banner. Though it is slightly more expensive, Denver Print recommends mesh banners. Slits do prevent a banner from turning into a sail and taking down a fence, but they can also serve as the starting point for a full rip.

mesh banner close-up

In our early days, we had so many construction clients with slit banners come back to us with ripped banners, we decided that we would recommend mesh banners going forward.

The mesh vinyl used for these banners is similar to a screen door. Upclose, one can see the small holes in the material where wind can pass through. From a distance, however, the design printed on the vinyl can be clearly seen.

denver print company post and panel sign

Post and Panel Signs

Even if you haven’t heard this term before, you certainly have seen post and panel signs in a construction zone before.

They are essentially giant yard signs made from wood. Sometimes the posts are driven into the ground, like a fence post, and sometimes they are built onto a wide wooden base.

The purpose of these signs is to make sure that passers-by see your company name, logo, and other information.

These are a more expensive option than the construction site banners or mesh banner signage mentioned above because they require labor hours for installation onsite. However, this type of sign tends to attract more attention than banners or mesh banners because they’re bigger and are synonymous with construction sites. So when passers-by see one, not only do they see an advertisement for your business, they know immediately that you are a construction business and this is your site.

Angled view of Sidewalk Closed and Detour signs on a street corner

Traffic Signs

These are not needed on every site, but they are needed, they are obviously very important. There are both regulatory signs and informational signs which drivers need to see in order for them to know what they’re seeing as they drive past your site.

For larger sites, you may even need signs within the construction zone, meant specifically to direct workers around the site.

Site safety signs construction site for health and safety

Safety Signs

Similar to road signs, safety construction signs can be necessary on large job sites or for areas where there are many pedestrians.

You may have a specific safety sign that visitors need to see in order to enter the site, and different warnings of hazards they might encounter as they work within it. For example, “No Smoking” is a common sign that needs to be seen at some sites because smoking is prohibited on the site or in certain areas.

image of plastic a-frame sign

A-frame Signs

Also called sandwich board signs, a-frame signs can be useful in construction situations where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

These come in a variety of sizes and materials, depending on the size and placement needs you may have. Our standard a-frame sign comes as a durable plastic base (that can be filled with sand or water to weigh it down) into which you insert a printed coroplast sign with your message.

If you would like to class it up a bit, we also have metal and wooden a-frame signs available. Restaurants and retail stores are our biggest customers for these, but they could certainly be used to class up your job site as well.

Yard Signs

For smaller construction jobs, yard signs might be enough. They can be a great way to let passers-by know that your company is available for construction work, and you want them to stop by the site office or contact you with any questions they may have about potential projects.

Custom Construction Signs from Denver Print Company

With an in-house design team, we can help you create a custom construction sign for your site. Whether you need to promote the company name, make sure workers and passers-by see important messages, or want to stand out in front of competing construction companies, our experienced team will provide the perfect signage solution at an affordable price.

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Installation Options from Denver Print Company

Not only do we print and manufacture construction signs, but Denver Print also does installations. If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to install your site signage, we can do it.

We’ll come out and measure the space that you need signs installed in, provide an estimate of materials needed (including posts or other supports if necessary) so you know what kind of budget impact will be involved, then schedule installation at a time that works for you.

DPC: For all Your Custom Construction Sign Needs

For more information about any of these types of signs or installation, please contact Denver Print! We are experts in sign-making and customer service and can help you design a signage system for your site that has all the necessary safety warnings as well as promotional banners if needed.