Custom Sign Manufacturing in Denver

Is your business looking for a local printing partner who can meet all of your custom sign-printing needs? Look no further! Denver Print Company is a locally-owned print and sign shop that specializes in excellent customer service.

We have rush-printing and an in-house graphic design team. Get a quote today.

Below are the most common types of signs that we build, but if you are looking for another type of sign, don’t hesitate to ask. We do many custom projects!

A-Frames Signs

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Customizable A-frame signs, also called sandwich board signs and sidewalk signs, are a must-have for many small street-level businesses. These cost-effective signs are eye-catching, and the ease with which the message can be changed makes them very convenient. Business owners and marketers are aware of the growing importance of target messaging and promotion. This is not only challenging and a bit overwhelming, but there can often be a high cost associated with such campaigns. A-frame signs are a simple and inexpensive way of doing the most direct and effective target marketing possible: Pulling interested passersby into your store and turning them into customers on the spot!

ADA Signs

Though not the most exciting type of sign, ADA signs, and braille signs are a necessary and important part of doing business in the United States. As part of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, it became a requirement for all commercial buildings to post appropriate wayfinding and room identification signage.

Over the years, Denver Print Company has helped many businesses with their restroom signs, stairwell signs, exit signs and more. We would be delighted to help you too.

Acrylic Signs

The acrylic used for signage is designed to be printed upon directly using UV ink. The end result with this type of printing is always bright, vivid, and true to color. Acrylic can also be used as a platform for adhering vinyl decals. This is a great option if you think you may be changing graphics sometime in the future. The vinyl can easily be removed and replaced with a new design. This is much cheaper than having to purchase a new piece of acrylic. Also, there is little visual difference between direct-print acrylic signs and vinyl adhesive acrylic signs.

Metal Signs

Denver Print Company is proud to offer businesses cost-effective metal sign solutions in Denver. Choose from a variety of thicknesses and print finishes, full color, single color, and spot color prints. All of our aluminum and other metal signs are printed and laminated in-house to give you the best possible price and the fastest possible turnaround in Denver. Metal signs have many applications and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Also known and building directories or wayfinding signs, these types of signs come in many different sizes, shapes, forms, and materials. Their primary commonality, of course, is the purpose that they serve: They help the visitors to your building find what, or who, they are looking for.

Denver Print Company has designed, fabricated, and installed directory signs for many companies in Colorado. Though these signs certainly fill a practical need, they also provide an opportunity for branding and promotion. It is important that they present the right image for both the building itself and the tenants. We would be eager to work with you to design a branding solution that both building management and tenants are happy with.

Lobby Signs

The first impression is the last one. Everyone should carry a good impression about the company. This is one of any company’s endeavors. An attractive lobby is a necessity for any business enterprise.

Your lobby should impress clients. Your lobby sign should create a welcoming atmosphere. You should not clutter it with various letterings and figures. It should be simple as well as beautiful. One should be able to capture the essence of the company from its lobby sign.

Menu Boards

Whenever you go to a restaurant, the first thing you might pick up is the menu card / brochure. It is natural for people to first check the price of the item they wish to order. People usually do not go for the costliest item on the menu. They choose to have a balanced approach, weighing cost versus appetite. Hotels and restaurants are aware of this behavior and, hence, bunch their most commonly ordered items together in a similar price bracket. You can judge the quality of a restaurant from the quality of its menu card.

Parking and Traffic Signs

Denver Print Company has printed and installed hundreds of traffic signs in Denver, Colorado.  Our traffic-directing signs found in parking lots, apartment complexes and commercial structures are still looking great to this day.  On average, our sturdy aluminum signs will last for well over 5 years and, depending on the location and material requested, we can extend that product life even more.

Property Management

Managing the signs at one complex can be a challenge everything from proper parking signs to move-in specials and leasing opportunities.  Denver Print Company has been working with some of the largest property management companies in the United States to improve their signage and to make the process of upgrading signs anywhere in the USA a hassle-free experience.  

When you order with Denver Print Company you get a 1st rate design company, superior print quality and professional installation team that is more than capable of problem-solving to get the job done correctly and on time.  We know how important it is that you get the signs you need on time and that they meet your exact specs for compliance and safety.  We begin every job with a site inspection to ensure all sign locations are measured, materials and surfaces are covered and compatible and a plan of attack is developed.

Real Estate Signs

Selling Real Estate in this booming market may be easy, but you still need an attractive and professional yard sign. Denver Print Company has produced real estate signs both for agents working under a franchise and for agents working individually. Our designers know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a professional and eye-catching real estate sign.

Routed & Sandblasted Signs

The old-fashioned look of a custom routed or sandblasted sign from The Denver Print Company can serve both to visually set your business apart from surrounding businesses and to cast the perfect tone for your customers before they even walk in the door.

Both sandblasted and routed signs have a similar antiquey kind of look and are made from the same types of material. They ways in which they are produced, however, are quite different. 

Spinner and Directional Signs

Also known as sign spinner signs, custom arrow signs, human directional signs, arrow sign spinners, arrow signs, flipping signs, and probably 100 other things, they may not have a name that everyone can agree on, but everyone has certainly seen them in action around Denver.  A custom directional spinner signs are great for any small business looking to drive customers to a store or a certain location.  Denver Print Company has helped businesses with “Gold Buyer” signs, “Open House” signs, “Now Open” signs, “Get Your Taxes Done” signs, plus other flipping signs for gyms, restaurants, and more.  We specialize in the design and printing of these custom shaped signs.  Custom flip signs are an inexpensive way to avoid Denver city permits and sign regulations. These signs are a cost-effective way for your small business to promote itself. 

Yard Signs

Denver Print Company offers the fastest turn around and highest quality coroplast yard signs in the city. In large part, it is our state of the art Mimaki flat bed printer that allows us to make this claim. With this machine in house, we can produce high quality yard signs in as little as one day.

Yard signs are ideal for real estate agents, landscaping and lawn companies, roofers, politicians, trade services, events and more.  These sturdy plastic signs get a ton of attention ideally placed in the yards of your recent completed jobs. You may have seen yard signs on the corner of a busy intersections or outside of a convenience store.  Properly placed yard signs are a great advertisement tool for any business. A sign that is well-designed can generate a ton of high-quality leads. Who hasn’t seen a yard sign advertising “We buy Junk Cars” or “We Buy Ugly Houses” on a street corner?  Using the latest in flatbed printing technology, Denver Print Company can produce stunning full-color yard signs that grab attention and allow small businesses to explore high-impact advertising in a whole new way.  Our yard signs come in several different sizes. Our smallest signs start at 12 x 18, then is an 18 x 24, and finally our largest size is a 24 x 36. You can choose to print on a single side or add color to both sides with our double-sided printing.