Denver Print Company offers the fastest service and highest quality options for yard signs in the city. In large part, it is our state-of-the-art Mimaki flatbed printer that allows us to make this claim. With this Denver Print Company offers the fastest turnaround and highest quality custom yard signs in the city.

Denver Print Company specializes in Designing and Printing Custom Yard Signs

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Yard signs are ideal for real estate agents, landscaping and lawn companies, roofers, politicians, holidays, trade services, events, promo and sales, and more. These sturdy coroplast signs get a ton of attention ideally placed in the yards of your recently completed jobs. You may have seen signs on the corner of a busy intersection or outside of a convenience store. Properly placed yard signs are a great advertisement tool for any business.

A sign that is well-designed can generate a ton of high-quality leads. Who hasn’t seen a yard sign advertising “We buy Junk Cars” or “We Buy Ugly Houses” on a street corner? Using the latest in flatbed printing technology, Denver Print Company can produce stunning full-color yard signs that grab attention and allow small businesses to explore high-impact advertising in a whole new way. Our signs come in several different sizes and options, with our smallest starting at 12 x 18, then 18 x 24, and finally, our largest size is a 24 x 36; 18 x 24 is considered the standard, or most common size. You can choose to print on a single side or add color to both sides with our double-sided printing.

Yard Sign Design Services

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Having an excellent design for your yard sign is extremely important for your success. Sure there are several other factors such as the message and the placement of the signs. But nothing can have a larger impact on the success of the sign than the quality of the design.

The number one rule for yard sign design is “short and simple.” We’ve all seen those signs that have more information than you could possibly read as you’re driving past. Some of these may be beautiful pieces of artistic design, but if it doesn’t convey the right message to your prospective customers, what’s the point?

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Denver Print Company’s skilled graphic designers have designed hundreds of yard signs for a wide variety of businesses, politicians, political causes, lawn care services, and legal assistance services. There is no limit to who can use a custom printed yard sign in Denver. While they may not last long on public property, they should quickly pay for themselves when placed in high-traffic areas.

Read more about the science of designing effective color printed signs and templates on our Denver Print Blog.

Yard Sign Material

Custom sign in aluminumMany yard signs for political campaigns these days are basically just a printed plastic bag over some wire stakes. These types of signs are only cost-effective when produced (usually overseas) and shipped in large quantities, larger quantities than any local roofing or landscape company would be able to touch. That’s why for a custom yard sign for small businesses, coroplast is usually a superior product.

Coroplast is a brand name that comes from conjoining the words “corrugated plastic.” And that is exactly what Coroplast is: corrugated plastic. There are many advantages to yard signs being made out of corrugated plastic rather than any other printing material. The first is the price, which is significantly lower when compared to metal signs. Also, yard signs are meant to be used outside for a period of time, and so durability is another important consideration. Corrugated plastic yard signs are more lightweight than metal yard signs, but still very durable and made to withstand extreme weather.

If you would like to class it up a bit, metal yard signs are an option. These tend to be most popular in the real estate industry because of the elegance of metal yard signs, as well as their durability and strength. Agents may reuse these repeatedly for many years, so the need for long-term durability is greater.

yes on 4b yard sign denver print companyCustom Shape Lawn Signs

Custom-shape lawn signs are another unique option for yard signs in Denver. These are usually made of coroplast, but sometimes other materials can be used as well. Custom lawn signs done right, with the right designs, can really draw attention and even convey information about what your company does. You can also upload your own templates.

A roofing company, for example, could customize lawn signs to be shaped like a roof, including the shingles on top. A realtor could customize lawn signs with shapes that represent different kinds of homes and neighborhoods.

Yard Sign Stakes

Denver Print Company offers wire stakes (called “H-stakes” because of their shape) with every yard sign order, so there is no need to shop elsewhere for stands or frames. Yard signs with our standard H-stake stand can sit upright by themselves and can be placed in any yard regardless of the grass or dirt conditions in that yard, so there is no need for bulky frames.

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If you are looking to make yard signs for your business, for your home, or any other yard signage, contact our company about our yard sign products. Average lead time is about 3 to 5 business days. We are the go-to local yard sign printers in Denver.

You can call us at 720-542-6105.

  1. Size must be exact including the required bleed
  2. All text and logos must be a minimum of 1/8" from the edge
  3. Color mode must be CMYK
  4. File type may be: JPG, TIFF or PDF
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Rush printing is available. Call us at 720-542-6105, or request a quote online.

Standard turnaround

3 days from the confirmation of digital or printed proof.

$10 (added to order)

What is a setup fee? Denver Print Company prides itself on producing perfect prints on the first try on every single order. We insure this by having our in-house graphic designers review every file prior to print to make sure that it is print-ready. This little step goes a very long way.
All wide format orders have a $45 minimum charge.