Custom Printed Canopies in Denver

Keeping Your Business Covered during the Pandemic

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, in which our custom canopies and tents were primarily purchased for conferences, trade shows, and similar type events. But oh, how times have changed. With the start of the COVID pandemic, those events disappeared from the face of the earth. With that shift, the demand for canopies moved into new sectors. Outdoor events, restaurants, and retail shopping became the primary sources of our canopy and tent business. 

custom canopy enclosed design denver print company

Demand was low at first, likely because business owners were hesitant to commit to custom branded canopies, still hoping they could get by with a rental because the pandemic would be over soon. Right? But here we are, moving into the colder months with the virus still raging. It has become apparent to many business owners now that something more long-term, and something to sustain business through the winter, may be needed.

Denver Print Company is here to answer that call.  Our local, and minority-owned, company can provide custom printed canopies for a variety of needs and in a variety of sizes. Sizes range from 5ft x 5ft to 20ft x 20ft, and these canopies can be completely open, partially open, or completely enclosed, wherever suits your needs.

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custom canopy open design from denver print company

We guarantee a long-lasting, sturdy canopy that will look great and last a very long time. You’ll be impressed with how vibrant the color quality can be, full-color graphics, and even high definition photos will look amazing on your canopy.  All canopies come with an aluminum American-made frame. This might cost a little more than the cheap Chinese knock-offs but the quality is superior. 

Our canopies come with a zip-up vinyl travel bag that has compartments for your printed canopy cover, a backdrop vinyl banner, and all of the necessary components. Here a few things that make our canopies stand out:

custom canopy


  • 100% American made
  • Premium Aluminum Frame
  • Vinyl Travel Bag
  • Water-resistant canopy top
  • Full-Color Printing
  • UV resistant inks
  • Fast Turnaround

All canopies come ready to be displayed and setting them up at your trade show, convention seminar convention school event charity fundraiser or open house is a breeze. We have printed custom canopies for a variety of businesses such as barber shops, water treatment companies, solar panel providers, medical marijuana centers, schools, churches, and even a few gyms and local tattoo shops.  We have designed and printed many tents and canopies over the years. We have become quite the canopy design experts. It might not sound like a challenging thing to design,  but the angle, sides and lettering all make it a bit complicated. Our professional design team would be happy to help you with your canopy graphics call today to schedule a free consultation.  Custom canopy covers are a great addition to any convention set-up. Contact us today for custom sizes and pricing.

  1. Size must be exact including the required bleed
  2. All text and logos must be a minimum of 1/8" from the edge
  3. Color mode must be CMYK
  4. File type may be: JPG, TIFF or PDF
  5. (if you send a PDF we are not responsible for missing links or fonts)
  1. Use all four sides of your canopy, adding unique images gives your canopy a longer life.
  2. Take your canopy down in high wind area. High wind could result in damage to the canopy fabric.
  3. Put the canopy over the frame and expand the frame and tighten the canopy as you go.
  4. Carefully pack your canopy when not in use. The fabric could wrinkle if not properly stored.
  1. Call us for a PDF template that you can use to design your canopy
  2. Add bleed to your design and make sure that the text does not run into the sides where it could potentially be cut.
The fastest we can produce a custom printed canopy is 1 week.

Standard turnaround

7 days from the confirmation of digital or printed proof.