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Medical Marijuana printing in Denver

Daniel Garza

Medical Marijuana printing Services in Denver

Colorado recently passed amendment 64 that legalized Marijuana throughout the state.  The new rules allow anyone in the state and out of state over the age of 21 with a valid ID the ability to purchase Marijuana from any dispensary licensed to sale to the public.  The state allows current medical marijuana dispensaries the ability to apply for dual licenses allowing them to sale to the public and maintain a medical status.  With all the new rules dispensary owners are looking for ways to attract new customers and expand their current customer base.  Printing is still a valid and economical way for centers to attract new customers and give current customers materials that would help them spread the word about the store.  Some ideas that have worked for medical marijuana printing include Flyers, coupon cards, posters, banners, brochures, magazines and newsletters.

Marijuana Flyers – Custom flyers are a great way to promote new strains, upcoming specials, wax, edibles and other concentrates.  A great example of using flyers can be seen at Lightshade labs, a local dispensary that prints multiple flyers every week promoting specific sales and products in a large shiny flyer that customers are given during the checkout process.  The customers take these nice flyers home and share them with others, each flyer has a coupon and the redemption rate on their flyers is so high that the amount of flyers printed each month has gradually increased for the last 2 years.

Coupon Cards – Custom printed coupon cards for marijuana dispensaries are great for customer retention and self promotion.  A great example of coupon cards can be found at South West Alternative care whose strategy has consisted of monthly discount cards that are redeemable the following month.  These small business card size coupon cards are easy to keep in a purse or wallet and the later redemption keeps the client holding onto a great piece of marketing.

Posters – The majority of Colorado Dispensaries are so overwhelmed with new business that customers are often waiting in short lines prior to meeting with a bud tender.  That time is passed in lobbies or outside of the store front, great places to hang promoitonal posters.  Posters are a great way to promote larger upcoming events, products and specific strains.

Custom banners – Medical Marijuana business owners are looking to spread the word about their new public service, what better way to get the word out than to use custom printed banners.  Banners are large usually vinyl full color prints with a logo and large special message. Hanging your new banner outside of your store lets drive by and walk by traffic know of your upcoming sale or promotion.

Brochures – Dispensaries are always looking for way to let customers know about other products and services the center offers. Creating custom brochures is a great way to compile a large amount of products in one easy to read pamphlet that is easy to carry and sharable. A great example of using brochures to promote a variety of products can be found with Dr, J’s edibles company, the brand as multiple products that are unique.  They se their brochures as a sales pamphlet while offering the product line to new dispensary locations.

Magazines –