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Real Estate Door Hanger printing

Daniel Garza

Door Hangers work for Real Estate

Real Estate agents are always coming to us looking for the answer to their unbalanced inventory of homes for sale or buyers.  Pulling from the same old inventory doesn’t answer everyones questions and it can be hard to please a new buyer who is looking for something that is not in the inventory yet.  Without knocking on each door asking if the homeowner would be willing to sell, the next alternative is to leave a well designed marketing piece instead.  We have tried several different pieces from envelopes with postcards, mailers folded in the door, direct mailers sent the homeowners mailbox and our favorite door hangers.

Door Hangers come in so many shapes and sizes, but what has really worked for the Denver area Real Estate Agents is large full color double sided door hangers. Specifically a full sheet of paper that would run through most production sized digital copiers.  Typical size or recommended size is 6 x 18.  This massive door hanger demands attention and generates a ton of phone calls for the agent or lender associated with the door hanger.

Designing the perfect door hanger for larger 6 x 18 hangers. When designing for this size of a door hanger it is key to remember the hole size, the text size and the main message.  For example a lender might mention assistance programs for new homeowners on a door hanger targeting a rental community or apartments or town homes.  The real estate agent might want to highlight some recently sold homes in a neighborhood they are prospecting. Or present testimonials from a rental family who they helped purchase their first home. Knowing the target market is essential to getting the most from your custom door hangers.

Professional distribution is the next big hurdle when using door hangers to generate new leads.  In Denver Colorado not many companies come highly recommended for the job of distributing.  The job should not be taken lightly, weather, streets, and other factors can make the job extremely challenging and this can really affect the moral of the crew.  When the crew is not motivated to do a good job or is having to overcome obstacles to complete the task you typically don’t get the best results. Some stuff to look out for would be crews throwing extra pieces away, not hanging the piece properly, littering and skipping homes.  If you are paying per piece this could mean you’re paying for a whole lot of trash and that doesn’t look good for you or to the neighborhood.

In conclusion, if properly executed custom printed door hangers can generate a ton of potential clients for your business.  Real estate agents in Denver looking for unique marketing ideas should consider a strategic door hanger campaign directed at homeowners in neighborhoods that are frequently searched or requested.