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Recreational Marijuana Label industry

Daniel Garza

Has anyone else noticed the boom in label design happening for the Medical and recreational marijuana industry! I’m so inspired by the attention to detail centers and designers are putting into label design.  as of January 1, 2014 Colorado and Washington became the first two states to end prohibition of marijuana and fully legalize the recreational use of the plant.  This process has taken 2 long years to iron out and some of the finer details are still under the microscope, but one thing that was clearly defined is the need to properly label all medicated products as well as secure them in child proof containers.

Labeling is an extremely important step in insuring that the public knows what they are consuming and how much! Because the industry is new and the guidelines for labeling are still under review, centers are doing what they can to operate under the grey laws.  This means so many of them are creating their own standards of labeling while abiding by the current set of rules. The landscape is full of difference and within that diversity is a new form of artwork and creativity.  graphic designers are lining up for that chance to design a product label for any of the hundreds of centers in Colorado.  The opportunity to define an industry is up in the air and someone will define this small side of the industry in the next year.

One thing that is constantly changing is the containers that these labels are applied to.  It seems like every month a new rule is added or a new container is introduced to the industry.  I can only imagine the Chinese factories taking in requests for custom child proof containers has jumped in the last few months.  While all centers are looking for a solution, they are also looking for something unique and cost effective.

At Denver Print Company we are thrilled to help this industry grow.

We will share these unique labels in a future blog post Recreational Marijuana Label industry.