Backlit Signs

With a backlit sign, the light is the star. There are many creative lighting options with backlit signs. The color of the lighting used truely dictates the overall effect of the sign, especially at night. You will often see the lettering or design rendered in a neutral metallic color, while the lights shining from behind are a bright, eye-catching color.

Channel letter signs and light box signs are sometimes referred to as “backlit signs.” They are, after all, technically lit from the back. Denver Print Company backlit signs include solid, non-translucent lettering or design elements with bright LED lighting shining out from behind. The light splashes onto the design background or directly onto the wall on which the sign is mounted. The result is an attractive, sophisticated, and modern looking sign.

The Light is the Star

Because backlit signs are newer on the retail and restaurant scene than the more traditional channel letter signs, there aren’t as many of them out there. For this reason, backlit signs tend to give a modern design aesthetic to your business-front. They may also help your business stand out amongst the competition. This is particularly true when it comes to attracting customers at night. In the dark, backlit signs truly shine!

Backlit signs are sophisticated enough in appearance, that another popular use for them is as lobby signs. A well-designed backlit sign on the reception desk of your office can set an air sophistication and professionalism that no other sign can match.