Why use Denver Print Company for your graphic design?

Why use Denver Print Company for your graphic design?

by Eric Schlelein, Graphic Design Manager

One good reason to use our graphic design team is that they can make sure that your project is printable from the first design. There’s a lot that goes into making sure a file is ready to send to our printers. Multiple back and forth emails and design corrections can make a difference of days when it comes to a project-completion timeline.  There’s more to it then that, however.

Eric Schlelein, DPC Lead Graphic Designer:

“Sure, graphic design looks easy. Grab a couple of images off Google image search, use a Microsoft Word template, type your information in and WHAMMO! A business card!

“But not all designs are created equal. The best thing about having a professional do your job is that your job looks professional. It’s not hard to recognize an amateur design. Take a look at these two items:

bad flyer example

good flyer example

“Which one is the more engaging? Which one grabs your eye? Most importantly, which one makes you want to attend the event?

“”At Denver Print Company, we employ a full-time staff of professional, fully trained graphic designers that know, understand, and love the work they do. We use Adobe Creative Cloud software, which is the industry standard for design. We know which fonts go together (and which ones don’t), we’re well versed in color theory, we have access to thousands of stock photos, and–most of all–we have experience with all manner of designs and we know how to make yours memorable and exciting!

“Good design is an investment in money as well as time. A well produced logo can last years, even decades. And having a team of dedicated, professional designers at your call will make your work stand out, and be recognized!”