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In the crowded business environment in Denver, grabbing the attention of potential customers with a custom car wrap can provide an extreme competitive advantage. Modern advertising has taken over so many locations, that it’s hard for any of it to really draw our eyes anymore. We see it on the sides of buildings, on busses, billboards, in the mail, all over the internet, and even on the jerseys of our favorite basketball teams. There’s so much of it that it all just turns into a blur. We don’t pay attention to it. Car wraps, on the other hand, are still rare enough to get noticed, especially if they are well-designed.

For business or for pleasure, if you want to attract attention, a car wrap is a sure-fire way to do it.


Car Wraps: Still Unique

We’ve grown somewhat accustomed to seeing wraps on “service” type vehicles. Trucks and vans often feature business advertising and contact information. Car wraps are significantly less common. Also, there’s a “cool” factor with cars that vans and trucks just don’t have. No one is ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the new Ford Econoline. It is for these reasons that car warps are significantly more eye-catching than other types of vehicle wraps. 

Many car wraps are done just to look cool. (Ain’t nothing wrong with that.) For example, we recently wrapped this corvette in a marble print (pictured). The result was something truly unique. Whether you like the look or not, you would certainly take note of it if you saw it rolling down the street.

Other car wraps are done for business advertising. Even if the vehicle is not used for doing any official business, the space can be used as a mobile billboard. One of the owners of Denver Print Company had his Nissan Leaf wrapped with a custom Denver Print Company design. He doesn’t use it to make deliveries or anything of that sort. It’s just his personal vehicle. But everywhere he goes, he is drawing eyes and advertising his company.


Car Wrap Design Expertise

Having a good design team to bring your car wrap idea to life is extremely important. When a customer comes through the door with an idea for a car wrap, they almost never have completed files, ready to be printed and installed. A professional looking car wrap starts with the design. Each piece of vinyl must be designed to the exact specifications of the vehicle that is going to be wrapped. Even slight mistakes along the way can lead to problems with the final product.

Designing a car wrap takes a lot of practice to get right. Through the years, the DPC design team has helped create custom designs for many different types of cars and vehicles. We know how to put the pieces together to design YOUR vehicle wrap for YOUR vehicle. 

Contact us for a car wrap quote today! Your car will never be the same!