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Why You Should Consider Wrapping Your Vehicle

Vehicle wraps in Denver are growing ever more popular for small business owners looking to make a big impression. While vehicle wrapping is not exactly new technology, it used to be fairly limited in use, but it is currently a quickly growing means of advertising. This is because the cost per impression is very low compared to other forms of marketing media. Here are a few reasons that a vehicle wrap may be the answer for you:


Vehicle wraps in Denver come in a variety of different materials and sizes. They can be a full or partial covering of your vehicle. Depending on the type of material you want to use, you can get a completely custom vehicle wrap for just under $10 per square foot before installation. Companies like Denver Print Company provide graphic design services as well to help you design a brand new logo to fit your car. The best part is that this is all only a one time fee. After installation is completed, you don’t have to continue paying for the advertisement. When you think about other advertising methods, such as newspaper ads and billboards you can see that those involve recurring costs on a monthly or yearly basis.


Another important factor that makes vehicle wraps in Denver so effective is that they open your business up to an unlimited and varying amount of exposure. Unlike a stationary billboard or a magazine ad that goes directly to subscribers, your car will be seen by different people every time you leave your house. Even when your car is parked at your business or at a restaurant, it continues to draw attention to your business. This greatly increases your total exposure while still only costing you a one time investment. Depending on your driving habits, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that a wrapped vehicle can get as many 30-70,000 views per day.

Car wrapper straightening wrapping foil with a squeegee to remove air bubbles

Car wrapper straightening wrapping foil with a squeegee to remove air bubbles

Low Risk

Using a vehicle wrap for advertising is a very cost-effective way to gain high exposure with minimal risk to your assets. Since it is only a single expense up front you won’t have to worry about signing a lease agreement for advertising space for an entire year or more. You also won’t have to worry about the wrap damaging the car. In fact, if necessary the whole wrap can be easily peeled off of the car. If you find that you want to make changes to your logo or add more detailed information to your wrap, it can be as simple as ordering a new design through the printing company.


Vehicle wraps in Denver are extremely versatile. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a small economy car or a large box truck with a trailer, a wrap can be made in any size. You can also choose to focus on window decals or only side panels. The whole wrap will be designed to fit the space you have and is fully customizable to meet your expectations. If you already have artwork designed, you can simply submit it to the printing company and they can show you a variety of ways to make it fit your specific vehicle.

Ultimately using vehicle wraps in Denver is one of the most promising ways to earn thousands of exposures per day to new potential clients without spending a fortune on advertising long-term. If you are interested in all the ways vehicle wraps can help grow your business, start by contacting a local printing company who can provide you with a quote and further information.