Monument Signs in Colorado

A monument sign also know as a freestanding sign is a type of permanent, exterior sign that is not attached to a building.   These types of signs can most commonly be seen sitting directly on the ground a concrete foundation on a low base that make the sign visible and easy to read from the street.  If you business sits back from the road then a custom monument sign is your best bet for directing traffic and bringing more attention to the business entry way.  Denver Print Company has helped several businesses in Denver, Aurora, Arvada and Commerce City with custom monument sign installations.  From Design to manufacturing and installation our team has you covered.

A custom monument sign can be made from a wide variety of materials but most commonly are made from stone, glass, brick, steel, aluminum, or even stucco the key is to use long lasting durable materials in the construction of the sign.  It’s common to use the same type of material used in the construction of the building being represented by the sign and also taking into consideration the surrounding landscape.  Not sure what type of sign would fit your landscape?  Call for a FREE on site inspection and one of our professionals will help you with some professional suggestions.  Whatever the material is know that we pride ourselves on providing durable signs made in Colorado that are built to withstand our weather and amount of sunny days!

New technology is always improving the cost effectiveness and long term viability of our monument signs.  Incorporating electronic message boards is a great way to improve your monument sign and give you a great marketing tool.  These types of signs can use all sorts of different lettering and material techniques, our team will help you pick based on your specific needs.  


Denver Print Company has been pulling permits for monument signs for several years now and knows how long and detailed the process can be.   Because every jurisdiction requires different and detailed plans that cover a whole host of specifics and limitations it’s best to have an expert at your side navigating the process with you.  This key step in the process can save you several hours of headaches and any setbacks that may arise.  


We have 4 in house graphic design professionals that have well over 10 years of graphic design and sign design experience.  Our process always starts with a one on one consultation with the property owner to discover what the sign will be used for, from what angle / view, color scheme, dimensions and a full checklist of questions.  The goal is to create a stunning sign that will hit all the marks and meet all expectations set by our customers.  When is comes to designing a custom monument sign in Denver there is no better design firm to help get the job done.


Your sign is ready to install and the Denver Print Company crew has given a full through of the installation process from beginning to end.  The typical Monument sign can be installed in a single working day but some signs that require concrete bases or brick bases will require more time and coordination.  We have well over 20 years of combined sign installation experience to help the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Before beginning the planning for your monument sign, we recommend talking to a zoning official, sign code expert, or Denver Print Company salesperson to determine exactly what you can do legally.