Perfect for Painting and Art Projects

We have a client for whom we print and drop-ship art prints on wooden planks. Some of the planks come slightly warped from our supplier, so we can’t print on them with our flatbed printer.

These warped boards are perfect for painting or other art projects, however, so we’re selling them!

The planks come in a wide variety of sizes and are perfect for painting on.

Stop by our shop at 10525 E. 40th Ave #203, and we’ll let you browse through our collection. We accept cash, check, or credit card for payment. (Scroll for sizes and pricing.)

Available Sizes and Pricing

SizeAvailable Dimensions (inches)Price
Small9 x 122 for $5
Medium12 x 16
10 x 24
13 x 13
14 x 20
16 x 20
18 x 18
18 x 24
20 x 24
$5 ea.
Large14 x 32
25 x 33
30 x 30
30 x 40
$10 ea.