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Denver Web Design: How to Take Charge of your Marketing for 2016

The world of marketing is one of the most dog-eat-dog endeavors in business today, but it’s also mandatory in order for a business to have any hope of succeeding. Fortunately, with just a nudge in the right direction, you can take the reins into your own hands and make 2016 the year of marketing success.

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General Marketing Advice

  • Know your target customer. This may seem counter-intuitive, but marketing to a narrower and more specific audience actually draws in more leads. They feel that it actually applies to them personally.
  • The more avenues, the better. A commercial is all well and good, but the number of people with cable or even dish TV decreases by the year. Consider also investing in magazine ads, or go for the traditional approach and find a reliable printing company to whip up some good banners and signs. And of course, invest in high-quality Denver web design.
  • Go to networking conventions. Business shows and similar events are great places to find business allies and leads alike.

Marketing Online

These days, businesses no longer have the luxury of choosing whether or not to market online. Online marketing is mandatory for any growing business, and with a little advice from Social Media Today and some help from an Denver web design expert, you can shape up your marketing scheme to make full use of everything the internet has to offer.denver web design

  • Pick the right brand name. Before they know a single thing about your business, customers are making first-impression judgments on the brand name you’ve chosen – intentionally or otherwise. For example, to a person who might never have heard of McDonald’s restaurants, the name might remind them of Old McDonald’s farm and leave them with the impression of healthy, hearty food. What does your brand name imply, and what associations does it bring to mind?
  • Market everywhere. The marketing Rule of 7 says that “a potential customer has to see your business mentioned seven times before doing business with you.” By this rule, you want to have your business or product mentioned in as many places as possible. Letting a Denver web design expert optimise your website is fine and dandy, but that’s just one avenue. Consider also utilising social media, partnering with other businesses, and even purchasing ad space on various big-name websites.
  • Get your potential clients involved. Ask their advice, and let them know their opinions will help shape your brand henceforth. All of a denver web designsudden, you’ve given them a stake in your product and how well it does going forward. You’ve given them a reason to care. Another example of this is Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy campaign, allowing the public to vote on the next flavor they release. Another option is to invite clients to record and share pictures or videos of themselves using your product. This is all easily achievable with a little bit of Denver web design.
  • The customer’s experience is key. A single bad experience can turn them off of your product for good. Pay careful attention to the feedback they offer. In fact, take it one step further: A Denver web design expert can show you how to monitor what users are doing on each of your website’s pages and what they interact with most often, unintentional feedback in itself. Finally, be sure to provide the best possible customer service when they come to you with a problem or concern.

So for the year of 2016, make sure to know your target audience, choose a fitting and memorable brand name, and utilize Denver Print Company’s web team to make your customer’s online experience a positive one.