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New delivery truck wrap

Daniel Garza

Delivery Truck Wrap

Denver Print Company is the proud new owner of a delivery truck with plenty of ad space for our company.  The image above shows our first 2 ideas for the wrap but there will be plenty of ideas to come.  Wrapping a truck is a great way to advertise your business while on location, installing, delivery and picking up materials.  As a company we are always talking about the huge advantages of having a custom wrapped truck for your business, it was time for us to put our money where our mouthes are.  Parking this truck near a busy road, event, our in front of our own shop will help establish the brand in Areas that we can’t touch on a regular basis. This is a very excited new addition to the company and we look forward to coming back to the blog with some data we receive on calls, QR hits and web hits.

The design process

Denver print company has created a unique brand identity that is both very Colorado and modern.  When designing the truck wrap we want to keep our branding and  message consistent, we want to use this as an opportunity to really sell the ideas we sell to our customers.  This is also a great opportunity for us to showcase some of our design ideas.

Ideas we want to try

Some of the ideas we are throwing around are adding ad space to the sides of the truck, we think we can accomplish this by crafting small frames that are thick enough to carry a single sheet of Coroplast 5mil.  Ad space would allow us to swap different deals based on the events of that week or different promotional specials.  Other ideas include multiple panels for funny internet memes or weekly images from the internet, larger ads on the side, interchangeable ads that could be sold to customers.