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Minimalist guide to choosing custom metal signs

This guide is for the minimalist business person looking for a custom metal sign – you don’t want to waste time on reviewing numerous options and you simply want an end result that is straightforward and beautiful. This guide will lay out the main options clearly, offer tips on what to look for in a Denver Print Company, and finally lay out what to expect with a custom metal sign.

Basics of Custom Metal Signs Optionsnewmonkeybarrel_1024

Custom metal signs are an extremely popular choice for commercial establishments due to the longer life and enduring high-quality appearance, which result in the best value for the investment.

In regards to choices, custom metal signs offer a large variety of options for every need and taste, here are a few:

  • Custom metal signs can be made from stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, chrome aluminum.
  • Ability to customize shapes, sizes, and thicknesses
  • Can be digitally printed with different finishes, full color, single color, and spot color prints
  • Custom metal signs looked great when engraved.
  • Can be anodized to look like different metals, like gold, silver and brass
  • Add backlight or a custom wall graphic behind the sign to stand out even more

Tips for Choosing Custom Metal Signs

Look for in-house graphic design sign experts

Finding a sign provider that offers in-house graphic design services will save time along with the headache of choosing your sign options. This team can create the graphics for you along with providing the expertise of what will work best for your need and application. An in-house design team that are experts at custom metal signs is a huge win.

Utilize a dedicated Project Manager

Expert project managers are vital to making the custom sign process as efficient as possible, to choosing the best application, to managing the design and manufacturing, as well as the installation if needed.

cornerstone apts signCheck out latest sign designs

Denver Print company produces hundreds of signs every week, so check out the custom metal sign portfolio for inspiration to make the process easier to identify and explain what you’re looking for. Also, feel free to ask for new examples not yet spotlighted.

Opt for pre-cut shapes

Requesting a custom sign can require a little more time, a more detailed quote process, and more precision. For the fastest and easiest process, consider opting for pre-cut shapes and customizing within that shape for much more efficiency. Check out main aluminum custom metal sign standards as well as the file prep process.

Call for your free quote

As a minimalist you need to get straight to the point, so call Denver Print Company today to get a quote on your next order of custom metal signs – 720.542.6105.