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Car Window Decals: 7 Surprising Reasons Vehicle Wrapping is Good Marketing

Many people underestimate the value of using vehicle wrapping to gain visibility as a positive marketing strategy. However, there are many reasons that a vehicle wrap offers advantages over other forms of advertising. Here are the top seven reasons you should consider a vehicle wrap for your small business:

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  1. Cost – Vehicle wrapping is an extremely cost effective way of advertising your company name and information. Whether you do a full wrap or just car window decals, you only pay once for the printing, and the ads will be good for as long as you want.
  2. Reach – Vehicle wraps have the capacity to reach far more people than the average billboard or stationary advertisement. This is because vehicles are mobile and different people will see the ad at different times of each day as you drive. This can multiply the number of people who are coming into contact with your name each and every day.
  3. Versatility – Vehicle wraps and car window decals can be designed to fit any space or shape of car. You can decide how much or how little information you want to include. You may just want to use a logo, or you may want to add contact information and a list of services provided to your advertisement. Either way, you will be drawing the attention of people who want to know what your car says.
  4. Low Risk – Vehicle wraps and car window decals are a very low-risk option for small businesses who have a small marketing budget. Vehicle wraps will not damage the paint on your car, and can be removed or changed at any time. Since they are only a one time expense, you won’t have to sign a year-long contract to keep your ad visible, or pay any kind of monthly subscription fee.
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    Creative – One bonus of using a vehicle wrap to advertise your business is that you may stand out among competitors for your creative and unique ads. The graphic designs themselves are also a good way for you to show your artistic side and use bright colors and designs to draw attention to your business.

  6. Continued Growth – According to the Federal Highway Administration, people are expected to spend even more time in their cars than they currently do. This means that more and more people will be likely to see your ad on an ongoing basis. Vehicle wrap technology and car window decals will continue to improve, and the use of this type of advertising will continue to grow for years to come.
  7. Fast and Easy – If you need an advertisement created and placed quickly, this is one of the best options available. Many print companies have creative graphic designers on stall full time to help you design an ad based on your needs. You could have an ad placed on your car in a matter of a week or less depending on how quickly you approve a design and it gets printed. By contrast print and billboard ads require research and placement strategies that could take several months to work out.

Overall, vehicle wraps and car window decals have many perks over traditional types of advertising media. They are efficient and cost effective while allowing for a lot of creativity and flexibility for small businesses to make small investments in marketing and see large gains.