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420 rally day 1

Daniel Garza

The official 420 rally day 1

The 420 Rally has undoubtedly exceeded all expectations set by organizers and the city of Denver.  The future of the event looks to continue a growth trend for years to come, and eventually it could pull from all other events happening on the same day.  Organizer Miguel Lopez has teamed up with some very talented event organizers to ensure a higher level of organization and attendee experience.  With the enlisted help of 360 entertainment responsible for events such as Haunted Hotel, New Years eve hotel parties and Denver Pool party Retox.  Within minutes of finally receiving the green light from Denver officials the 420 rally team was making calls, designing and getting organized.  Relying heavily on local support from companies such as printers, graphic designers, lighting and staging, sound equipment to accomplish all the tasks necessary to put on a good show.  Sponsors such as Frosted Leaf have helped with the massive transformation of the look and feel of the event by supporting the organizers of the rally.

Attendees wont see the countless hours spent by hundreds of people throughout the city that worked hard to pull this event off in the short amount of time it had.  In only 2 weeks organizers were under tremendous pressure to meet all requirements set forth by city officials as well as book entertainment and begin the process of selling booths.