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Trade Show Booth Design

How to Create the Denver Trade Show Display of Your Dreams

 A lot more goes into creating a successful trade show display than simply slapping together a sign and a table. If you want your trade show booth to generate leads and promote your business, without wasting money, you want to make sure it is properly designed and planned for.

Trade shows can be a great opportunity for small businesses and allow them to increase brand exposure as well as boost sales. If you’re considering attending a Denver trade show at the Colorado Convention Center, prep carefully and learn what can be done for your booth to be successful.

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Choose the Right Trade Show

When you start to see success at trade shows, it’s easy to think about attending everyone. However, this can become overwhelming and often won’t really help, it just ends up being a lot of work! Instead, find trade shows that offer you the best chance of obtaining new leads for your business. Unless you see specific opportunities, consider skipping some newer trade shows to go to proven ones that have more attendees for you to meet.

Preparing For A Trade Show

Careful prep is crucial. Preparing includes designing the booth, creating a budget, and marketing the booth. You’ll also want to make sure everyone has trained ahead of the trade show so your booth staffers will be ready to answer any questions; this is a very important, but often neglected step. Whether your trade show is in a few months or a year away, make sure you start planning today so everything is ready.

How To Plan Your Denver Trade Show Displays

Give yourself plenty of time to work on creating your booth at the Colorado Convention Center. All the details should be settled early on so you can start building anything you need for the booth, order banners, and get everything put together.

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This is not something you’ll want to rush as that can lead to a disaster. It may not look great, you may not have everything you need when it’s time to set up at the trade show, and you may end up paying more to have banners and other items rushed.

Write down your objective for the trade show so you can keep it in mind when you’re designing the booth. Do you want more brand recognition or new leads? Are you interested in networking with others in your industry or just trying to boost sales? Keeping this in mind helps you make sure you’re on target throughout the planning and preparation for the trade show.

Since you have plenty of time before the trade show, create a game plan for how to get everything done. What needs to be done first to make sure everything will be ready?

Don’t forget to set reminders for each task so they’re all done on time. Break down larger goals into smaller ones to check off tasks faster and to make everything seem more manageable.

Trade Show Tips for Exhibitors

Success at a Denver trade show is not necessarily based on how great your booth looks or how many people stop by your booth. It’s measured by how many new leads you generate, how much your brand recognition increases, and how much networking you’ve done at the trade show. Choosing the right trade show, staffing the booth properly, and more can all help ensure your trade show exhibit is as successful as possible at every Denver trade show you attend.

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Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Don’t wait until the last minute to start marketing trade show exhibits. Though the host of the trade show will market the trade show itself, you want to let everyone know to stop by your booth. Post messages or videos on your website, use social media to attract attention, and look into media outreach to connect with customers and prospects so they’ll expect to see your booth at the trade show.

Another way to let more people know about your booth is to participate in the trade show. Workshops are often offered at trade shows and, most of the time, anyone can host a workshop. Sign up to host a workshop related to your business. You’ll receive the extra promotion as a part of the trade show itself and you can let people know to check out your workshop and booth.

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Trade Show Booth Staffing

You’ve planned how much you’ll spend and what you want to be included in your trade show booth. You’ve set schedules, started the marketing, and are well on your way to creating a fantastic booth for the Colorado Convention Center.

To ensure your trade show displays are as successful as possible, make sure your booth staff will be properly trained. You’ll want to let them know what to expect at the booth, show them how they should act, and teach them how to sell your business in a Denver trade show.

Make sure your booth staff understands they should be engaging with anyone who stops by your booth. Ensure they can answer any questions asked by those who stop by your booth and how to set up and take down the booth if you aren’t available. This helps everything proceed smoothly even if you need to leave the booth for a while.

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Any time your booth spends empty is wasted time. If there’s no one staffing your booth, there’s no one available to answer questions and provide more information to prospective customers. It can make your business look bad.

While you might want to handle everything, you’ll need at least one or two other people at the booth with you. Prepare them for the trade show exhibits by explaining everything they need to know. This way, you know the booth is being looked after if you need to leave for any reason.

Best Trade Show Displays

The perfect trade show exhibit doesn’t need to be extravagant. It shouldn’t include every detail of your business and shouldn’t be overwhelming for your prospects. While you won’t want to skimp on the display, you’ll want to make sure it showcases your business in the right light. Consider creating a booth that can be rearranged and used again and again so it can be used for any trade show you want to attend.

Create an Eye-Catching Booth Design

Your design should catch the eye of everyone who passes it. You want them to look at your booth, to become interested, and to stop to get more information. Simple and bold images are more effective than ornate designs. If you have too much going on, it can end up being confusing and distracting for potential customers. Consider all images you will use carefully and ensure they both flow with your brand and create interest for your prospects.

Create a Headline and Description for Your Booth

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Your headline is a short, simple message that helps to attract more people to your booth. It’s also designed to tell people about your business even if they don’t stop by your booth.

Your headline should be short enough to be read quickly by those passing by. It should also be displayed in a larger print so people can see it even if they’re across the walkway or a few booths away from your booth. Simple typefaces make it easier to read, helping ensure more people at least read your headline even if they don’t stop by your booth.

You’ll also want to create a description that showcases what you want prospects to know about your business. Remember, they won’t want to spend a lot of time reading. They want to see as many booths as possible throughout the day. Instead, use bullet points to point out the most important facts about your business, keep your message as short as possible, and make sure you aren’t using technical jargon your customers might not be familiar with. Use a clean layout to make it easier for people to read and more people will read it.

Feature Your Company Name and Website

Your customers now know what you’re about, but who are you and where can they get more information? Don’t hide your business name. Make sure it’s easy for your customers to see whether they stop by the booth or just walk past. Then, include your website so they can visit it when they have more time.

If your website is easy to see, they can write it down and get more information later. This is perfect if your booth becomes a hit and you don’t have time to talk to everyone. You don’t risk them overlooking your business because they can visit your website long after the trade show ends.

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Encourage Prospects to Stop by the Booth

Right before the trade show begins, go back to your marketing plan. Send out one more email or post one more time on social media websites encouraging your current customers to stop by your booth or requesting new customers visit the booth to meet you at the Colorado Convention Center. This puts your booth fresh in their mind so they’ll stop by when they get to the trade show.

Trade Show Product Demonstration

Prospects today love to learn something new. If you have a product that some people might not be familiar with or might not know why they need it, go ahead and set up a product demonstration. Have the times for your demonstrations listed clearly in your booth to encourage a crowd of people at different times throughout the day. This is a great way to get more people in your booth to learn more about your company.

Turn Leads into Sales After the Event

Don’t just forget about the trade show after it ends. Thank any attendees who stopped by the booth and filled out survey information.

Call any prospects who left their phone number for you to see what you can do for them. The follow-up after the trade show is what gets you more business, not the trade show itself. Go to your prospects instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Creating amazing trade show exhibits and having a successful trade show is possible, no matter if you’re new to trade shows or you have a small budget. Use the tips here to get started today so you can design perfect trade show displays for your business.

Check out the Denver Print Company now to get help with the design of your booth so you’ll be ready for the next trade show.

Designing and Creating the Perfect Trade Show Display

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Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity for marketing a business. They’re perfect for both small and large businesses as they provide the chance to connect with new customers and introduce more people to the company as well as boost brand recognition.

Before you start working on your custom trade show display, make sure you know what you need to make the event a success. Careful planning starting today gives you the chance to come up with creative ideas for your booth and the chance to start the design process for Denver trade show displays, banners and more so they’ll be ready in time for the next event at the Colorado Convention Center or elsewhere.

Common Trade Show Exhibit Components

Businesses creating a custom trade show display will want to invest in products to help make the booth look more enticing and to show off their brand or their message. You can use a variety of displays and banners in your booth or just outside your booth to attract more attention from attendees. Some of the most common trade show displays you should consider include the following.

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  • Display Booths – You’ll need a booth that can be easily set up and taken down. It should encourage more people to stop in and see what you have to offer. Take a look at display booths to see how you can carefully design one to showcase everything you have to offer your customers.
  • Pull-Up Banners – Banners can add another element of interest to your booth. Easy to set up and take down, try pull-up banners for the perfect way to show off your message. These can be designed with your business in mind and customized to meet your needs.
  • Step and Repeat Banners – For a larger banner, check out the step and repeat banners. These are full-color banners that are much larger and are perfect for backdrops. They’re often used as photo backdrops, which can encourage more people to stop by your booth as they’ll want to take their own photo with the banner.
  • Table Cloths – Instead of just choosing a solid color for table cloths, add your name, message or logo to create a table cloth that boosts brand recognition. Check out the options for table cloths to see examples of how your information can be added to a high-quality table cloth to enhance your booth.
  • Table Skirts – Are you using the space under your table to boost your brand? While it may seem a little bit odd to consider the space under your tables, table skirts are an excellent way to hide anything you store under your tables and to show off your message. Check out the table skirts available to see how they work and what you can do with them.
  • Tents and Canopies – Keep the sun away at outdoor events and add your company name where everyone can see it long before they get to your booth. This helps boost brand recognition and helps encourage more people to check out your booth. See the tents and canopies available today to find an easy-to-use option you’ll enjoy.

Trade Show Booth Ideas

At your booth, don’t just hand out pamphlets that discuss your business and what you have to offer your customers. Engage your customers. Start thinking about custom trade show display ideas you can use to promote interest in your business before the event so your booth has what you need.

You may want to consider handing out promo items, having games for customers to play, quizzing customers, and offering promo products for the right answer, or doing surveys to learn more about what your customers want. Consider what works with the type of business you have and what’s going to engage your customers to get them interested in learning more about your business.

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Trade Show Budget

Having a budget will help you avoid unexpected costs and help make sure your trade show doesn’t end up being far more expensive than you imagined. Go ahead and think about the costs involved, from what you’ll need to create your booth to the cost to rent a space for the trade show.

While this will vary depending on how elaborate your display is as well as which trade shows you attend, you’ll want a good idea of what you plan on spending and where the money in your budget will go. Check-in with the budget periodically to ensure you’re sticking with it.

Trade Show Display Ideas for Small Budgets

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Smaller businesses often have smaller budgets. Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean your trade show booth won’t be a success, though. When you’re working on the ideas for trade show booths, consider ideas for small budgets to help you find ideas you can implement that don’t cost a lot of money.

Create your custom trade show display first, paying attention to your expenses carefully so you don’t go over budget. Then, start thinking about what ideas you can use to encourage engagement without spending a lot of money. Giving away coupons or free products is often an excellent idea because you’re not only giving the customer something they’ll enjoy, but you’re getting them to think about your business and the products you offer long after the event.

Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

You want your booth to stand out so people not only notice it but remember it long after they’ve gone home. Before designing your booth, come up with a few ideas for creative trade show displays to help make sure your booth stands out.

You may want to choose something that’s unexpected at a trade show or create a scene that fits your business and engages your customers. Give your customers something to do at your booth, like taste testing if you sell food products, trying out some of your products, or watching a live demonstration of how your products work.

Ideas for 10×10 Trade Show Booths

While a 10 by 10 space might not seem very large, it does give you plenty of space to work with. Plus, it’s often less expensive to design a smaller booth, so you can make the most out of your budget as well. Use the height of your booth as another way to be creative and drive interest. Use taller banners to make the space look bigger and to make use of all of the space you have to create an interesting booth your customers will want to stop at.

Creative display ideas for 10×10 booths often use more interactive display elements to attract attention, minimizing the space needed for the display but creating a big impression on everyone that stops by. Think outside the box for your small trade show display to help the space feel bigger than it is and to make sure there’s room for as many customers as possible to stop by and learn more about what you have to offer.

Trade Show Booth Costs

Denver trade show displays can be expensive to design, but they don’t have to be. Estimates for the cost of a Denver trade show booth can range from $100 to $150 a square foot, but it can vary based on what you want and how you’re going to put it all together. It’s a good idea to get a consultation or quote from a qualified printing company to make sure you have a good idea of what the costs of trade show booths will be.

When you’re creating a budget for your trade show booth, make sure you set aside money for all important aspects of your booth. You’ll want to consider the space, graphics, travel expenses, show services like electricity or cleaning, any shipping costs, and marketing and promotion for your booth. Always leave at least a little bit extra for incidentals to ensure you won’t end up going over your budget.

When you’re setting a budget, there are a few parts of having a Denver trade show booth you won’t want to forget to include. Consider the costs associated with planning and executing your booth, the setup and teardown of your booth, storing your booth between trade shows, and how much you’ll spend on sales materials to hand out to your customers. If you’re giving away promo products or prizes, make sure you include those costs in your budget as well.

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Trade Show Display Turnaround Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to have your trade show display created. While rush orders are possible, they do cost extra and you may not have the time you need to go through the design process carefully to ensure everything is perfect. Instead, start planning your trade show booths well ahead of time.

This gives you the chance to come up with fantastic ideas that fit your business well, have the display created and printed, and check to make sure everything looks great when it’s set up. It also gives you the chance to learn how to set up and break down your display, play around with how you want everything organized, and make sure you have everything you need for the trade show.

Trade Show Booth Design

The trade show booth design process includes a number of different steps, from creating ideas for your booth to the final design approval. It’s important to make sure you take some time with each of the steps so your booth will turn out exactly how you imagined.

Start with thinking about the perfect ideas for your booth. Consider the space you have available and your budget when coming up with the perfect ideas for your booth. You’ll want to make sure you make the most out of all of the space available to you, whether you have a smaller booth or a large space to take advantage of. Consider ideas that engage your customers and get them interested in what you have to offer them.

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Graphic Design Consultation

Once you have an idea of what you want, it’s important to have a graphic design consultation. Have your company logo, branding guidelines, and more available during this consultation so the professional you work with can use them in the design.

They’ll talk with you about what you want your booth to look like and how they can make it happen. Once they have an idea of what you want, they’ll start working on the design for your display. They’ll use your ideas to design the perfect display for your booth.

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Graphic Design Proofs

Your graphic designer will create a graphic design proof for you to review. This is what your display will look like when it’s completed. Don’t simply glance at the proof and say it looks amazing. While it might look amazing, you’ll want to make sure everything is right.

This represents your business and may be one of the first things your customers notice when they walk into your booth. Make sure there are no mistakes in the proof and that everything works well with your business, the rest of your booth, and the message you want to send to your customers.

Design Approval

If there is anything that needs to be changed, let your graphic designer know about it. They will fix any issues and provide you with a new proof to review. Once everything looks perfect, you’ll approve the design and the company will start working on creating your display. At this point, no other changes can be made to the design.

Your display will be created and shipped to your location, enabling you to set everything up and see how your trade show booth is going to look once you head to the event.

With the right time and attention, Denver trade show displays can be an excellent way to market your business. Put the time into creating ideas for your trade show booth and ordering the perfect display and banners to create the right message for your potential customers.

When you give yourself plenty of time to work on creating your trade show booth, you’ll be able to create a booth that’s going to stand out and get the attention of everyone attending the show. Start planning your trade show booth today so your next event will be amazing.


We hope that this guide has been helpful and provided you with the resources you need to be successful. Denver Print Company, just blocks away from the Colorado Convention Center, is here for all of your trade show needs, from initial design consultation to the finished product. Call us today at 720.542.6105 to get help on your trade show project!