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Social Distancing Signs & Face Covering Required Signs

COVID-Safety Signs Denver

Among the many things that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed in our lives, is the amount of signage that businesses need to adhere to local social distancing and face-covering regulations. Who would have ever thought that your business would need SO MANY SIGNS!

Denver Print Company has got your back. You may have never considered that your business would ever need signage such as banners, window graphics, or floor graphics. But we’ve been designing and printing these items for local Denver-area businesses for years. We are built and ready to take on this challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the products we have that can help with your coronavirus signage needs.

Coronavirus Signage - Banners

First and foremost, you probably need to let potential customers know that you are still open. The best way to do that is with a banner. Banners are one of the most cost-efficient ways you can promote your business. They also walk the line between “temporary” and “permanent”. A banner from Denver Print Company printed on 13 oz vinyl will last for years outside without tearing or fading, even in Colorado’s harsh climate. At the same time, a banner does not require near the investment as permanent signage. A banner can be designed, printed, and hung within a week and without any permits needed. And when it’s time to take it down, it takes only a matter of minutes.

This flexibility makes them the perfect type of outdoor signage for the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s even better, is that Denver Print Company will price-match on any 13oz vinyl banner from a local competitor. So if you are looking to have a banner printed by a local small business, look no further. Request a quote here.

Coronavirus Signage – Window Graphics

We have noticed an uptick in requests for window graphics and window decals as the pandemic has worn on. Early on, it seemed businesses were content with taping a piece of paper inside the window for their “masks required” and social distancing signage. As time has gone on, more and more companies have realized that they might need something slightly classier and more permanent.

Window decals are surprisingly affordable and, for when things finally return to normal, easily removable. Whether it’s updated store hours, mask reminders, or social distancing signage, window graphics allow you to follow regulations and keep your staff and customers safe in a classy and professional manner. 

The CDC says that mask-regulations could extend well into 2022, so it might be time to give up those dreams of impermanence and invest in some custom window graphics or window decals.

Coronavirus Signage – Floor Graphics

While the rest of us have struggled through this last year of distance and isolation, floor graphics have found their moment. If there was ever anything that floor graphics were perfect for, it’s keeping people six feet apart. You go, floor graphics!

We all know that we are supposed to stay six feet apart from others when inside of a store or business, but it is also difficult to keep that image of “six feet” in mind when moving about. Floor graphics are an easy and quick visualization of how far apart we need to be. Not only do they keep customers and staff safe, but they reduce their anxiety. Having constant reminders right on the floor of what six feet looks like makes everyone feel safer and tells customers, “This business has things under control.”

Custom Face Masks

Not signage, but important nonetheless. Denver Print Company also does apparel and, with that, custom embroidered masks. If it is important for your business that your staff have a crisp and uniform look, it can be problematic if every employee is wearing a different type of mask. Bring the look together with custom company face masks that match the rest of your company uniform. Get a quote here.