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Five Business Sign Mistakes You are Making Right Now

Business signs serve multiple functions. Firstly, your business sign shows customers your location and probably the type of services you offer. Your business sign serves as memorable advertising — for better or worse — when prospects don’t immediately need your services, but they make a mental note of who, what and where you are.

Additionally, the design of your business sign conveys more subtle information and messages about you and your business. It answers the unspoken questions of potential customers regarding your professionalism and even the personality of you and your business.

What does your business sign say about you? Is it conveying the message you want to deliver to your potential customers? If you’re not sure, read on to learn five business signage mistakes you may be making right now.

Wrong Colors and Contrast 

Business signs should be easy to read from a distance and from a moving vehicle. You don’t want your potential customers driving by without easily identifying and comprehending your company’s name and the services you offer. While there are many elements that contribute to your business sign’s legibility, the misuse of colors and contrast are two top offenders of poorly designed business signs.

Take a look at the contrasting colors of your business’s signage. Does your company’s name pop out against the background? For example, bronze-colored lettering you may see for a dental practice or an apartment community wouldn’t be as attractive or legible against a darker-colored background.

Dated Typography

Design trends come and go. What was popular just a few years ago now looks dated, out of place and even amateurish. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use a unique font if it’s fitting for your type of business and services. However, be clear. The typography you choose affects sign legibility. Consider the following statistics from a survey conducted by the Economic Center, University of Cincinnati:

  • The most important characteristic of business signs by consumers and businesses is legibility.
  • Approximately 60% of businesses reported an increase in sales of about 10% after changing the design of their signs or enhancing visibility.

Wrong Construction Materials

Work with a custom sign manufacturing company that offers you a broad range of material options for your signage retrofit or replacement. Obviously, the more durable the material you use, the longer it’s going to last. Replacing your business sign before its time is not an expense you want to incur.

Banner signs work very well for temporary signage. Though, you don’t want to use banner signage as permanent business signs. As with permanent signs, your banner sign should reflect your business’s professionalism and services, and should be made from durable materials.

Poor Lighting for your Business Sign

Your sign should be well lit so that it can be easily seen after dusk. Signs with extinguished bulbs look unprofessional and deter from your business goals.

If you have the option to keep your business sign lit up 24/7/365, do it. Yes, you use more electricity and increase your electric bills. But, consider that your business sign shining brightly through the night as an inexpensive marketing and advertising expense. There are in fact high-efficiency lighting options to leverage, such as LED, to help keep costs down. LEDs are also very durable and last a long time.

Going It Alone

If you are in the process of designing your business’s signage, do yourself a tremendous favor and consult with custom sign design company. With various inexpensive design software programs available today, it can be tempting to design your own business signs. Though, there are just too many elements involved with graphic and signage design to do it successfully.

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