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Halloween Decorating with DPC

by Peter Higgins, Marketing Coordinator & Web Manager

Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun. With such a wide range of options that fall under the “Halloween decor” umbrella, there is a lot of room for creativity. You can go with a theme that’s anywhere from fun-and-family-friendly to disturbingly-macabre.

Still, once you have accumulated a variety of spooky adornments, there is a tendency to just stick those things in a box and use them again and again, year after year. In other words, it’s easy to get stuck in a Halloween-decorating rut.

We are here to help pull you out of that rut with some unique decorating tips. We’ve brainstormed a few ideas that could be brought to life with DPC print products.



haunted house wall banner mock

Banners are a pretty basic idea, but they can really do a lot to spookify your Halloween decor. You can simply wish your neighbors, trick-or-treaters, or party-goers a happy Halloween, or you can get creative and use a banner, or banners, to create a haunting backdrop.

A few well-placed banners can transform your front yard into a nightmarish bog or your living room into a spider-web-infested haunted house.

halloween banners for sale on denver print company websiteWe have an assortment of Halloween banners available on our online store. If you have another image that you’d like to print, however, we can do that too. We encourage you to search for images on depositphotos.com, the stock image website that we use here at Denver Print Company. Any image you find on there will be high enough resolution for us to print on a banner or backdrop. The search terms “haunted house background” and “scary woods” both bring up some great results. 

scary vinyl face on a doorVinyl Wall Graphics or stickers

Denver Print Company’s low-tac wall and window vinyl is perfect for temporary Halloween displays. Perhaps a sinister face on a door? Or a bloody handprint on a window? The options are only limited by your imagination.

If installing adhesive graphics to your wall or window seems like a bit too much, you could go simple and just get some stickers. If you’re planning on handing out party favors, some custom personal Halloween stickers would make a great addition to any gift bag. Pick some of your favorite horror movie characters, for example, and turn them into a sticker collection.

Yard Sign Graveyard

Yes, you can get gravestone props at any big-box store or hobby store, but they’re generic. They say boring things like “R.I.P.”, “My Beloved”, and “Izzy Dead.” If you would like to personalize the inscriptions on your corner lot graveyard, a great option would be custom-printed coroplast gravestones.

Coroplast is the material used for standard rigid yard signs. It’s a durable plastic designed for printing. It will hold up year after year, even in Colorado’s unpredictable fall weather.

The best part is, you can personalize the gravestone inscriptions however you wish. Go for humor, or go for frights! There are a wide range of blank gravestone images on Deposit Photos. Choose a few you like and add the text of your choosing.

If you feel that you lack the ability, or the tools, to get your personalized inscriptions to look the way you want, our design team can help with that. Call us for a quote.

halloween grave yard coroplast grave stones


decaying house picture in frameScary Art

An easy way to turn up the volume on Halloween in your house could just be to hang some creepy “paintings” on your walls. Filling your home with haunting artwork can do quite a bit to darken the mood – and it’s easy to do!

If you find the images, we’ll do the printing. Deposit Photos has a number of images that would work fantastically for this purpose. In many cases, you may be able to just tuck the print into an existing frame. 

Halloween Labels

halloween bottle and jarsRelabeling your liquor bottles with poisonous and grotesque names is a classic Halloween decorating technique. Who hasn’t enjoyed a nice glass of “Vampire Blood” or “Pickled Brains” at a Halloween party?

We found this blog that has a link to some cool printable labels. A quick online search will give you many other options as well. If you really want to go all-out with your label-making, have us print them. We’ll use the same equipment we use to produce real professional labels. This will add a level of authenticity to your Halloween bottles and jars that can not be matched with paper and scotch tape.


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