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Top 5 Reasons to update your business card

Daniel Garza
Your business card should evolve with your business and its not uncommon for your business card to change several times throughout a year. New years is always a great time to review your current business card and make any necessary updates or a complete design overhaul. We get asked all the time why update my business card? Here are the top 5 reasons you should update your business cards today!

5. Outdated contact information
Maybe you moved, changed your title or have a new phone number or email address. These are all great reasons to keep your business card updated with the most up to date information. Giving out a card with out dated information is very unprofessional and could result in some missed opportunities.

4. Branding and Marketing
Your business card can be so much more than just a simple calling card with your information on it. It can be a mini billboard that you use to promote your products or services. Add a few images of products to sell or a list of your top services. This could be your one shot at earning that persons business, don’t leave opportunity on the table.

3. Add some color
Its not uncommon to see single color lifeless cards still out there. Plenty of businesses still don’t realize the dramatic cost reduction that has lowered the cost of full color printing. Have your cards re-designed using full color and let those new business cards shine.

2. Adding UV protection
Your cards will naturally fade over time, insure that the image outlasts the paper it was printed on by having your next set of cards UV coated. UV coating isn’t a new technology but it has increased in popularity over the years because of its resilience. UV technology goes on to the paper as a solid coating, this petroleum based fluid is then quickly cured using high intensity UV lamps. This dries the fluid and gives the paper a dull or super high gloss finish.

1. New Paper Material
Updating your business card gives you a chance to try to paper stocks or venture away from paper altogether and have your cards printed on plastic, metal, magnet, fabric or vinyl. Taking advantage of all the printable materials is the number one reason to update your card and try something new.