Top 5 reasons to get vehicle magnets

Top 5 reasons to get vehicle magnets

Daniel Garza

Top 5 reasons to get vehicle magnets TODAY!

Small business owners are always looking for the next advertisement opportunity to grow their business.  All too often our vehicles go overlooked as prime real estate for promoting our business. The average American will drive 40 min to 1.5 hours per day to and from work and the average commute is over 60 miles.  In that time our vehicles can pass by well over 500 – 1000 cars each day.  Thats 30,000 cars a month and 360,000 per year, thats a lot of free impressions to get that many impressions on google would cost you close to $54,000.  Without a doubt the small investment for a pair of vehicle magnets can be cost justified by using them for a month but in case you needed a few more reasons here they are.

1. Cost effective.

The amount of daily impressions car magnets receive is obviously based on the amount of time you spend on the road. Statistically a vehicle in a metropolitan city will be seen by 500 – 1000 people per day.  Thats a lot of eyeballs and as we previously discussed the amount of impressions and the cost to achieve similar levels of impressions on the general public is more than cost effective.  If you are looking for a low cost and easily managed way to promote your business, car magnets are a great way to get started.

2. Constant Advertisement.

Weather your car is parked or on the road, your magnets are spreading the joy of your business.  Having a pair of great looking vehicle magnets will change how you see event parking, you might just find yourself looking for the best spot to show them off near the entrance or exit.  You’re now driving a billboard for your business.

3. Low maintenance.

Lets be honest, some shops choose lower quality materials which could result in minimal damage to your vehicle.  This can be avoided by asking for higher quality material and looking up the brand that the print shop provides.  Vehicle magnets do require some very simple maintenance such as cleaning underneath and removing them before taking the vehicle through a car wash.  Certain states use chemicals to clear icy winter roads and this chemical can damage the magnets as well as the paint under them if not cleaned properly and promptly.

4. Conversation starter.

Every business owner loves to talk about his or her business and car magnets are a great way to get the conversation started.  Real Estate agents love pulling up to a listed home and inspiring neighbors to seek home value information.  Its also a great way to reach contractors and other business owners when out and about.  We have personally started great business relationships with local businesses by simply parking and making a presence known with full color vehicle magnets.  Contractors are always looking for ways to separate themselves from other fleet members, larger vehicle magnets give the opportunity to add titles and specific information for individual drivers.

5. Trackable QR’s.

We live during remarkable times and technology has given us the ability to create unique codes that when interacted with via a mobile device the user can be directed to a url of your choice.  Adding a custom QR code that points potential clients to your website or facebook fan page is a great way to create engagement.  Todays QR codes are trackable and with each scan sending you a notification you know exactly where the code was scanned and at what time.  Real time data that can help you plan other advertising efforts.