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Short run printing and the advantages of it.

Daniel Garza
It used to be that you would call or walk into your local print shop, and ultimately, no matter what you had to print, it seemed that your printer would always recommend a quantity that you did not need. So, for example, I start a small project and I am looking to only print what I need. At the time, I have decided that I would print 100 tri-fold brochures. After I had the opportunity to speak with my printer and get an estimate, I have come back with prices for not only 100, but 200, 500 and 1,000. Of course the cheapest price per unit is going to be the 1,000 brochures. In the end, I have managed to sell myself on the 1,000 brochures because that will be at least 1 years worth of brochures, and why not make the investment now because I know I will have to have those brochures 1 year from now.

Times have changed, no longer do I have to fill my basement or storage area full of brochures, hoping that one day I will use them. No longer will I have to hang on to brochures for dear life instead of wasting them by throwing them in the trash. As a matter of fact at the time of this article, as I look around my office, I notice a direct mail piece that I was going to hand address to over 4,000 prospective customers about 60 months ago, that’s right… over five years ago. What was the point?

In Denver there are printers that now specialize in print on demand. As a matter of fact, if you are in Denver, there is one Denver printer, Denver Print Company that will be able to print a set of 50 tri-fold brochures at the same cost they would be able to do 100. Granted, price breaks for quantity have not gone by the wayside entirely, but for  a digital printer pricing starts to reach a point where it remains the same. So, taking a look at our printers in Denver. Denver Print Company will be able to provide a print job on 100 brochures, and the pricing would be very similar to 200. Now taking that up to 1,000 we will start to see a price break, but after they have reached that 1,000 quantity mark you really no longer see a benefit in ordering quantity.

This is a very green process, as the customer is only ordering what is needed as they need it. The customer can now change the message in their brochure every-time they order new printed materials.

For a greener printing experience, make certain out of all the Denver printers you select, you choose a digital printer that will allow you the opportunity to print on demand and eliminate wasted marketing materials.