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Real Estate Signs- Tips for Ordering the Best

In the world of Real Estate Signs, corrugated plastic signs are the way to go. Corrugated plastic is lightweight and cost-effective, not to mention versatile. You see them in action all throughout your day, from menu boards at the local diner to large-print ads at trade shows.

Corrugated plastic is uniquely ideal for outdoor Real Estate Signs on account of being both grime-resistant and waterproof.

Choosing Your Real Estate Signs yard-sign-tournament-hope-hasson-denver-printing-1

There are many poster, banner, and sign printers available for hire, Do your best to find a seasoned designer to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, and also to ensure you’re more likely to be satisfied with the end product.

Also, put some serious thought into how you want your Real Estate Signs to look.

  • Look at other similar signs for reference on size. You’ll want to make sure your signs are visible to the intended audience, whether they’re driving by or walking, and that’s difficult to gage without a firsthand example.
  • Choose your colors carefully. If your real estate office has a specific color scheme already, you’ll likely use those. However, if you do have more freedom of choice, make sure the colors are pleasing to the eye.
  • Make sure your fonts are easy to read. This can be accomplished a few different ways. As a general rule, the smaller the font is, the more crisp and legible it has to be in order to be effective. Conversely, if you’re looking for eye-catching fonts on your real estate signs, you may have to sacrifice more of your advertising space in the process.
  • Borders are great for directing attention. Adding a border around the sign itself is a surefire way to get your audience to take a look, and smaller borders (possibly even dashed rather than solid) can direct them to key information.
  • Don’t forget your logo. All real estate signs should have a logo for the office they represent, and it should be easy to identify so that they know at a glance exactly who to get in touch with for the house that caught their attention.

Using Your Real Estate Signs yard-sign-be-boulder-denver-printing

Of course, the first step is to make sure you’ve verified the local sign-posting ordinances and are aware of these rules for your area. Once that’s done, there are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of your advertising.

  • Make sure to post the signs as close to the road as is possible within the area’s guidelines. In the movies, real estate signs are oftentimes smack dab in the center of the yard, but in reality they’re much more effective if they’re out closer to traffic and able to catch a driver’s eye.
  • Consider a secondary sign advertising the next open house date. This will encourage potential buyers to really look into the property rather than simply driving by.
  • You can’t go wrong with an internet presence. Having a sign direct back to some sort of website or online listing will give them additional information they’re looking for without forcing them to call the real estate office itself.

Good street side real estate advertising is a combination of eye-catching sign placement and quality informative real estate signs – and if you’re looking for quality signs, corrugated plastic is your first step in the right direction. Call Denver Print Company today to get a quote on your next order of yard signs. 720.542.6105.