denver minority owned businesses

Minority Certified

Daniel Garza
Denver Print Company is now certified as a minority owned business in Denver Colorado.  We want to give a very special thank you to the Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council (MPMSDC)  for opening so many doors and giving our business the chance to present and be known by such a regarded establishment.  We are honored by this opportunity and look forward to offering all the businesses within the council our expertise and knowledge.

With over 10 years of consistent growth in the community Denver Print Company has been grooming itself for this exact opportunity.  By becoming certified we give all businesses the opportunity to support a certified minority company, support local businesses and support Colorado natives.  It’s often overlooked that minority owned businesses are just not afforded some of the opportunities that well known established companies have.  For several reasons organizations like (MPMSDC) still serve a greater purpose and with our help we look forward to helping them grow by spreading the message of help to other business just like our Denver minority owned businesses.

This certification means several things to us, for one we gain access to a huge network of hard working local Denver businesses.  Small businesses in Denver are often looking for ways to reach new customers and partners as a small but growing community of minority owned businesses it is imperative that we invest in each other and grow as a whole.  Within a few days of receiving our certification Denver Print Company was already in negotiations with RTD Denver, DIA, City of Denver, Comcast and Kaiser Group all of which have been members of the (MPMSDC)  for the last 20 years.  Landing one contract with any of these companies would be a game changer for Denver Print Company as a whole.  With over 10 planned events this summer (MPMSDC) is committed to creating an environment for businesses to thrive and collaborate on some big projects.  Being apart of such an organization has helped so many businesses and DPC is excited to now be on this journey with our friends at (MPMSDC) .