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How to Get the Most Out of a Small Trade Show Budget

The impact of small trade shows on your business can be immeasurable. However, with a small budget, many small businesses struggle to come up with innovative and cost-effective ways to market themselves at these special events. Customized canopies are one way that you can make your business’s presence can be felt at your next big trade show.

What to Look For In Customized Canopies

Choose a high-quality portable canopy that is long-lasting and sturdy. By deciding on a customized indoor/outdoor canopy, you can expect vibrant color quality and high definition true-to-life images. These customized canopies come with an aluminum frame that keeps the portable canopy in place while you’re marketing your business to potential customers and clients. You can also expect your canopy to come packed in a travel bag to allow you to transport your canopy easily and deploy it quickly, without help. Stay clear of low-quality canopies that will fall apart in less than one show season. Be smart with your investment and opt for quality instead.

A portable canopy makes setting up at your next trade show simple. No matter what type of small business you run, any design, logo or graphic can be clearly and boldly printed on these special canopies. Custom outdoor canopy covers are a great addition to any trade show set-up. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s an attractive, professional way to showcase your business and grow your brand.

Bundle your custom canopy with a custom dye-sublimated poly-poplin tablecloth for the complete brand package.

Ultimately, getting a custom outdoor canopy with your business’s branding is the type of attention that will make your next trade show a success. These portable canopies are water resistant, flame retardant, and offer UV protection so that your full-color graphics continue to look great, even after multiple outdoor events. They look great indoors too, and the standard size fits most tradeshow booth specs.

These powerful display systems help build brands at trade shows all over the state and country. Enjoy the presence that customized canopies bring to you and your business. This is a great investment that can pay off quickly.

Add-Ons & Accessories

You can even purchase add-ons or accessories to go with your new portable canopy. Some of these include (and are not limited to):

• Custom canopy walls
• Vinyl backdrop banner
• Retractable banner
Feather flags
• Tableskirts
• Full Tablecloths

All of these things add to the look of your customized canopy and complete the branded user experience for your trade show booth. All of these marketing tools can bring more attention to your business and change your bottom line.

These customized canopies are great for outdoor trade shows, indoor expos, community festivals, company picnics and much, much more. They are versatile and make sending your message simple and seemingly effortless. Use your small business budget wisely with a customized canopy tent today.

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