Got Geek? Custom Star Wars Apparel and Stickers from Denver Print Company – Denver Print Company

Got Geek? Custom Star Wars Apparel and Stickers from Denver Print Company

Denver Print Company is a bunch of GEEKS!

That’s right, we admit. In fact, we’re proud of our nerd side. Everyone at Denver Print Company could not be more excited about the upcoming release of Star Wars The Force Awakens. As a team we are comprised of sci-fi/fantasy and comic book nerds with interests in all things Star Wars.

Star Wars is a Traditionstar wars fan art gear

Growing up watching the original Star Wars films, I always wanted to know more about the female side of the force. I am excited to hear that Leia and a female Jedi have prominent roles in the new film. These new episodes mark the return of many of our favorite characters we remember from our childhood, played by original cast members we know and love. Science Fiction fans understand that sci-fi reflects the world in which it is created, and it will be interesting to see how our changed society or reflected in the new episodes. Whatever your reason for loving Star Wars, sci-fi comics and all things nerdy, Denver Print Company is right there beside you.

Unique Star Wars Gear

We have so many Star Wars fans in our office that our design team went crazy. We love to attend Denver ComicCon and other local cons, and what better way to show off our design skills and fan support at the same time than with our unique Star Wars themed T-shirts and decals? Whatever your reason for loving Star Wars, you’ll want to show it and we have the custom gear for you!

Fan Art T-Shirts Designs

We first debuted our custom fan-art style t-shirts at this year’s Denver ComiCon, but we still have a limited selection stock for you to grab in time to wear to the theaters or add to your fan collection. These one-of-a-kind designs are only available while supplies last from the Denver Print Company, so call us today at <a href=“tel:17205426105”>1-720-542-6105</a> and pick one up.

rebel scummRebel Scum

My personal favorite is the “Rebel Scum” shirt. It is one of our favorite scenes from Return of the Jedi, and we know it’s yours. It has just the right amount of edge, and you won’t find this design anywhere else. Screen printed in white on a high-quality 100% black cotton T-shirt.

Distressed Imperial distressed empire

If you lean towards the dark side of the force we have the Distressed Imperial symbol shirt. The design is printed in black and available on Gray 100% cotton T’s, this understated design will quietly advertise your affiliation.

pixelated death starPixilated Death Star

The biggest victory of the rebel alliance, or greatest tragedy in the history of the Galactic Empire? You decide. Then commemorate the event with your own death star t-shirt. White design on black cotton t, this unique design will stand out.

Stormtroopertrooper sil

Having trouble with your aim? The Stormtrooper silhouette is the shirt for you. The white T-shirt that suggests the outline of a trooper’s helmet will show the world that you can’t hit the broadside of an imperial cruiser to save your life.

ditressed rebelDistressed Rebel

You’re a rebel at heart? Try this shirt on. The distressed rebel design printed on a gray cotton T-shirt looks great and shows the world you’re ready to take on the Emperor.

Millennium Falcon Blue Print

Another favorite design at the Denver Print Company is the blueprint of the Millennium Falcon. This unique design is great for Han Solo fans, the white technical schematic stands out against the black cotton t. So what if Han shot first? He’s still our favorite.

World’s Biggest Star Wars Fanbiggest fan

We even have a cheeky shirt for folks who are maybe a little sick of the hype, but still secretly love Star Wars, the “World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan” shirt features an image of the USS Enterprise. Star Wars fans and Trekkies alike find this one uncontrollably hilarious.

Star Wars Release Weekend Special
Sizes are limited so call today!  One shirt for $15, two for $25 while quantities last!  Call Today for fast pick up: 1-720-542-6105

wall o decalsStar Wars Themed Decals

If a shirt is not your thing, we also have awesome stickers and decals! The “R2D2″is my personal favorite. We also have a Colorado themed “That’s no moon” sticker created by our very own designer, Eric Schlelein. These and more are available in durable waterproof vinyl and work well on many surfaces. Priced to sell at $4 each or 4 for $10.

Fan Art Submissions

Have a great idea for a comic/sci-fi/fantasy shirt or sticker? Let us know and we might create it with our next run of fan gear. See your design come to life on a T-shirt or decal and we’ll make sure you get one to take home for yourself.

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