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Denver Bronco Biggest Fan Printing

Daniel Garza

Denver Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl in NY to face the Seattle Seahawks February 2nd 2014.  Where the Denver Broncos are favored to take the trophy home to the Mile high city for the 3rd time.  Although the entire city would love to ride with our champions to the Super Bowl, unfortunately the majority of us will be staying behind to support our team from local bars and restaurants.  With hundreds of thousands expected to watch the game at a local bar or restaurant, small business owners are looking to capitalize on Super Sunday with food and drink specials.  Start promoting the big event now with super sized specials such as drink deals, food discounts and other amenities such as larger televisions and increased seating areas.  With so many options in the city of Denver what are a few ways you can grab some extra attention in the weeks following up to the game.

1. Large posters throughout the venue / restaurant are a great way to get the word out visually. Get some professionally printed posters up as soon as possible and this will help your current customers associate your business with the place they want to watch the game. Place the posters in high traffic areas such a bathrooms, front desk, around the bar and near exit signs.

2. Promotional flyers – Having some flyers printed and delivered to the surrounding area is a great way to expose your party to people who might have not yet stopped by your establishment.  Nightclub flyers also known as postcards are the most cost effective way to promote a single night event. Typical sizes range from a  4 x 6 or 5 x 7. If a thicker stock is available choose a 12pt cardstock, a thicker stock gives your marketing piece more weight which to most people means more value.

3. Banners – A large banner can generate a ton of marketing buzz especially if its placed in a high traffic area.  The cost of a professionally printed full color banner is roughly $5.00 per sqft in Denver that means a good sized 4×6 banner could cost $120.00.  That is a small price to pay for the amount exposure your party will generate.

4. Social media event – Social media plays a role in our everyday lives and small businesses can benefit huge by promoting an upcoming event on facebook or twitter.  Even posting your event on Yelp can get additional attention needed to make sure your event a success.

Make your next event a huge success with professionally printed marketing materials by a local print company.  Support your Super bowl champion team by support other local businesses. Giving your customers a special event benefits your small business but gives your customers a special way to celebrate a monumental event.