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Daniel Garza

Business Cards Denver

Some business owners and marketers believe that the art of printing is dead and that people do not want to receive business cards, that they would rather have the person input their information into ones smartphone.  Obviously as a printer I disagree but not because this means less business card printing for me. I think this train of thought gives into everything we see wrong with society. For example the non stop usage of smartphones during social engagements like dinner or going to the bar with friends. These events are now cluttered with people eagerly obsessing over texts and social media updates that they forget the real world around them. Clearly a disconnect has happened and some people prefer to be plugged in to the network rather than real person to person conversation and in that I believe lies the reason for tangible marketing pieces.

Don’t get me wrong there is a generation of multi-tasking networkers who can handle both scenes at the same time.  But they are few and far between and catering your business networking strategy around them is not a wise decision. For those who prefer to tap phones and ipads I suggest that your business card uses a smart phone friendly QR code and even invest in a responsive website for your business.

Adding a QR code is a great way to spark a conversation with the more tech savvy networker and clue those who have not seen it used on a card before.  The reason I still believe in the QR code even after 3 – 4 years is because I see them working every single day with trackable codes.  I have added QR codes to every business card, flyer, poster, banners, sign and car magnets and with each unique code a daily scan report is delivered to my email.  This is a great tool that allows me to see how often my cards are scanned compared to my car magnets or if the posters I hung up were worth all the trouble. Utilizing these technologies will give you some insight into your marketing efforts and how you spend your budget. A QR code is great when added to a professionally printed card.

All too often I am handed a flimsy business card napkin that was printed at home on a cheap inkjet printer. Budgets are important but with the cost of professionally printed cards under $100 in most states I find it hard to believe that a business owner wouldn’t choose to have an expert perform the work.  Printing has come a very long way and the technology that print shops utilize today is amazing. Digital printing presses have opened the doors to new stocks, brighter colors, faster turnaround and higher quality images. A professionally printed business card leaves the impression of importance and attention to detail, add a QR code and you have a well rounded marketing piece that can be proud to pass out at your next networking event.