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How to Take Charge of your Networking

Using an effective business card design is one way many small businesses are able to take charge of their networking and marketing. A business card is a simple way to reach out to potential new customers and make it easy to contact you. Companies like Denver Print Company offer business card design services to assist you with creating a unique look that will remind customers who you are and make them want to call you. They also want your design to provide enough information for customers to have what they need, but not appear crowded and overdone with too much information or background imaging.

What You Do

One of the biggest mistakes made by new businesses is designing a business card that blends in to all the other typical templates available for free. The problem is that a customer may not remember who you are a few months down the road, but they will want to know what your card is for. If your business card design doesn’t tell them exactly what you do, it will likely end up in the trash.

Why You

Another important factor for any good business card design is giving the customer a reason to want to call you. They may have received several quotes for a service, and have three to five cards from potential bidders, but they will want to remember something specific about each one. Use your card to include a few words about what makes you stand out from your competition. Things like 24 hour availability, guarantees and warranties, discounts, or other important tid bits about what makes your business the best choice can easily be included.

Where to Find Youbusiness-man-modified-1241003-639x715

Many businesses have not yet caught up to the internet age. It is important in any good business card design to include your website and email address. These days it is common for customers to forego a phone call and opt to look for the information they need online first. Make sure your website it up to date and your email address are accurate so that you can reach out to the newest generation of customers effectively.


One of the many pitfalls of business cards is that they do absolutely no good if you don’t make an effort to hand them out. Giving out cards takes time, but if you always carry a few cards with you, you will have plenty of opportunity to hand them out to the people you meet. In addition, giving people two or three cards instead of just one will encourage them to pass your information along to their friends and family members. This is an effective marketing strategy that reaches beyond what you may be able to do on your own, and referrals are always helpful.

Business Card Design

Having a great business card design depends on just the right mix of information, color and placement. Using a print company that has a design service will allow you to decide what information is most important, and how to stand out from other companies in your field. Give customers a reason to contact you and several different ways to do so, and make your cards easily accessible for best networking results.