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New Equipment installed!

New Equipment at Denver Print Company

by Daniel Garza

New equipment delivery

Denver Print Company has made very serious investments into brand new equipment in 2013.  Almost every piece of heavy production equipment has been upgraded and that means increased capabilities and products for our clients.  The decision to replace equipment was not an easy choice it would mean larger monthly expenses, new systems and software to master as well as increased space and power requirements.  Power would prove to be one of the biggest headaches when building out the new production facility.  Even though we now had access to two full suites, double the warehouse space still proved challenging to plan for.  The floor plan changed at least 5 – 10 times before we got it just right. The first major decision was the placement of the digital print room and paper storage. Since we were planning to upgrade our printing press as well as add redundancy to the operation we needed to plan enough power for two production machines.  Luckily our partners at All copy were eager to jump in and help us plan this rooms power and space requirements from the very beginning.

Wide format production had consumed so much of our previous office space that it was becoming harder to perform the simplest tasks without bumping into another crew member.  We got every penny out of the square footage and when we got the chance to breath at the new space it just didn’t feel right.  So when we heard that Roland was coming out with a new flat bed printer and we could be the first shop in town to install one, well who doesn’t like to be the first on the block with a new toy.  After our first month of really getting settled in to the new shop we had our new machine installed.  The shop was a buzz and our design staff was eager to get its hands on new software and to really push the capabilities.  Roland produces some of the highest quality wide format printing equipment in the world and we have been so pleased with everything they have done for our business.  With the ability to print directly on to hundreds of popular sign substrates the Roland has given Denver Print Company a huge advantage in the sign making department.  We are excited to be the first shop in Denver to have one of these machines and we promise to get the most out of it.  Some of the new capabilities the flat bed has added to our business include:

  1. Full color yard sign printing
  2. UV Spot gloss ad board
  3. Full color POS on gator or cardboard
  4. Packaging Proofs
  5. Art prints on textured material
  6. Layered prints for 3d effects

Stop by and see all the amazing sample prints our design team has been testing and let us taking your in store and outdoor signage to the next level.