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Elba Robles of Phoenix Massage was looking for a local design team that could produce some great looking business cards and one amazing logo for the launch of her new massage business.   Like most business owners just getting started, you want to hit the ground with a great looking image that people are going to take seriously.  When Denver Print Companies owner Daniel was approached about the project he was immediately interested in helping an old high school friend with her new business.  Daniel and Elba went to the same high school in Gilcrest Colorado home of the Valley Vikings.  They also attended the same sunday school growing up, when Elba needed some help, she knew exactly who to call.  Logo Design Denver ” I was surprised to get the call” Daniel explains ” when I realized who it was I was ready to get started, the ideas for her logo were already flowing through my mind.  The second we hung up the phone I put pen to paper and started sketching some concepts down.”  Daniel Recalls.  In a few short days the logo was complete and 3 days after that her brand new business cards were freshly printed and ready for pick-up.  Denver Print Company can help any small business with a whole host of marketing materials.  Whats next for Elba and Phoenix Massage? well she is looking for more marketing to hep get the word out there.  Starting with window vinyl for her store entrance, flyers to promote inside and outside of the gym location she rents a space in.  Brochures, member cards and even a banner.  Its easy to get all of these products completed in a quick and timely manner with superior quality when you work with the Denver print Company. Elba is a very happy customer and we hope to help her continue growing her business.