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I liv yoga studio

I liv yoga was referred to us by one of our very happy clients in late 2012.  They were finishing up the remodel of their recently purchased yoga business in downtown Denver and needed to rebrand.  It was a bit of a challenge to get on the same page with the owner on this project but once we started clicking it wasn’t long before we had a great logo and long term marketing plan.  We quickly jumped into all the other areas of the project from photography, website, marketing materials and signs.  Our yoga studio marketing tips helped jump start the business and helped build a foundation for future success.

Yoga Studio Marketing tip:

A free or discounted beginners class is a great way to build a solid base of customers.  It also allows new comers to try your studio and get familiar with yoga. Having a incentive program or discounted year membership is a great way to get new comers to sign up for the long haul. A requirement for attending a free class should be the customers email address and phone number and once a week a friendly email or call could go out to those who have yet to sign up.