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Gallagher Truck Lettering

Gallagher Truck Lettering Denver

John Gallagher was looking for some great looking graphics for his new company truck.  Daniel the Owner of Denver Print Company was looking for an electrician who was open to trading for marketing.  Boom they found each other and not only did John come through in a big way for Daniel and his new home but Daniel was able to design a great looking logo and install some nice graphics onto Johns brand new Work truck.  Both parties are very happy with the trade and both look forward to working more together in the near future.  The end

Do you offer a service that one our employees or owners might be interested in, do you have a unique talent that could enhance the lives of the employees at Denver Print Company?  Give us a call we are always open to bartering.

Gallagher wanted something simple the logo with the company number on it.  We did just that but then noticed that the black lettering was not going to be very easy to read on the rear window.  So we decided to add a stroke to the lettering to give the image some pop from the black window it was wrapped on.