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Full Melt Custom shirts printed in Denver

Melt Custom shirts printed in Denver

Full melt is a Denver based medical marijuana edible company that recently ran into a bit of trouble with the locals for provided customers at a local event with what was promised to be un-medicated products.  That ended up not being the case and several people came forward reporting illness after consuming some of the brownies and cookies that were given out for free at the event.  Full Melt accept full responsibility and ended up making some big changes in the company to reflect a new straight and open approach to making marijuana edibles in Colorado.  The shirts that all the employees were wearing that day were printed by the Denver Print Company crew, although they were not exactly the same as the clients at the time logo, we still did a great job of matching colors and producing a great looking shirts.

These shirts took a little bit longer than usual because they have multiple colors and the shirts had a small image on the back that required the shirt to be touched several times and to be ran through the industrial sized heater to cure all the ink before the second half of the job could even begin.  Even though the shirts were order really late prior to the big event (4/20) if you don’t know what 4/20 is here in Denver it is a huge celebration of art, music, culture and marijuana.  This is the time of the year where all major dispensaries and marijuana companies are looking to spend their ad dollars and really get the word about thier business out there.

Full melt was participating in a large vent with several other vendors and they wanted to look good, so they hired the best marketing firm in Denver.  Denver Printer.