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Rave Flyer Design Denver Frostbite 2013

Denver Rave Flyer Design Frostbite 2013

In 2013 the Floorbangrs threw one of the largest Winter Raves in Colorado History.  What most don’t know is that the time and energy it takes to throw one of these parties starts days after the previous years festivities end.  The management team at Floorbangrs called us in late January with some ideas for the 2013 line up and design concept, mid February we were already fleshing out the core of the design as well as adding lineup information ticket locations and venue information.  Next we worked on the teaser flyers that were going to be distributed throughout the fall festival season in Denver Colorado and throughout the surrounding cities.  The next big part of this project was all the social media elements for facebook, twitter, google+ and linkin as well as a few Myspace images.  Come June and july the entire project was complete, the last few pieces were the main headliners.  This little bit of information usually comes right before we to the print production side of the project. September 15th was our first full run of teaser flyers, these were going to a few larger event at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado.  Our first run the teasers actually ran a little dark and we were forced to re-print a couple thousand flyers once we found the perfect blue for the snow flake.  We print all teaser flyers on a sturdy 12pt card stock that has a wax based gloss, this coating is special because it will allow the paper to break down if it ends up in a landfill.

October / November were the major print runs of close to 20,000 5×7 and 4×6 club flyers.  We finally had the last headliner added to the ticket and the main flyer was sent to production. We delivered completed flyers to the client in less than a week from proofing.