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How Discount Printers Gamble with your Brand

According to the New York Times, people in the 1970s saw 2,000 ads a day. Add 3,000 more ads to that, and you’re looking at the year 2015. Businesses are striving to put their ads anywhere it’s conceivable. This leads to a lot of people putting up blinders to these ads, AdBlock technology has over 198 million users worldwide.

How Can You Stand Out?

This article from Business Know-How shows some of the things you should consider in designing your business flyers:


Whether distributed by hand, by mail, or by a newspaper insert, business flyers are an essential way to reach your customers. Even internet and television ads cannot compete with business flyers for the simple reason that a flyer is a physical product. Your customers hold your business flyers in their hands. When you distribute flyers, you’re giving a visual representation of your brand. With that in mind, it’s important to realize how discount printers gamble with your brand.

What’s Wrong With Discount Printers?

If you’ve spent the time to create a striking visual image, or have spent the money to have a graphic designer create your flyer, you want it to look as good as possible when it’s a finished product. Discount printers who offer cut-rate prices are rarely using new machinery and high-end paper products, which can lead to your well-designed business flyers looking lackluster and dull.

The worst case scenario is that people will ignore your flyer, or form a negative or indifferent opinion about your business. The best case scenario? A few people may notice your business flyers, but most of them will end up in the recycling bin, possibly to be turned into a better, more effective flyer in their next life.

There are some areas of your life that you should look for the absolute cheapest item, but your flyers should not be one of them.You know how vital business flyers are to your brand. If you found out you needed brain surgery, would you look for the surgeon with the lowest price in town? Probably not, even on a serious budget.

Don’t gamble with discount printers–there is an offhand chance that they will make passable business flyers but there is a much larger risk of throwing away a large amount of money creating an amateurish and unprofessional first impression for your brand.


flyers1Graphic Designers

You know the importance of business flyers. If you know all of the information you’d like to present on a flyer, but aren’t sure how to make it catch your customers’ eyes, graphic designers can help you create memorable business flyers. Discount Printers do not have design teams.


Don’t use discount printers’ sub-par materials sink your flyers. High-quality glossy card stock will make your business flyers (and consequently, your business) look professional.

Single or Double-sided

Double-sided business flyers maximize the amount of information and graphics you can use to attract customers.

Before You Make Your Decision

People are seeing more ads than they have ever seen before. Don’t fade into the background.

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