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Denver Comic Con Logo Design

Daniel Garza

Denver Comic Con Logo Design Service

As a huge comic book fan I couldn’t be more proud and honored to be working on the 2014 Denver Comic con logo design.  Last years festivities are still resonating with the whole team and little reminders of the massive print we produced for the event still lingers in the shop.  It seems like only yesterday we were hopefully submitting a few quotes on the project.  And the excitement we all felt when we landed our first few jobs and a booth at the event.  Since our first time of the job went so well the organizers have chosen to give our small local business the bulk of the print work and with a little more luck we could be landing the whole design project as well.  This would be a walk in the park for our team if we didn’t have 3 days to produce a concept a branding package and marketing concept art.  Although this is starting to be a very time intensive project we are ready for the challenge.

The first step to starting a project like this is to start with research, review links and read, read, read. I can’t emphasize how much time you can save on a bad concept by doing a little research before ever letting pen hit paper. When I started the research for this project I looked at massive events like the San diego Comic Con and the Wizards event hosted around the united states. These events are iconic and there is imagery from every angle on the internet, this was a great place to gain insight into the style that clearly works. One logo in-particular did not impress me much and that was Wizards design. Its logo has a very heavy amount of color and I like to do what I call a “blur” test on every logo.  If I blur the image by 30% can I still make out what is happening or who is being represented if the answer is no the Logo will only be visible by 70% of attendees. After performing this simple test the Wizard logo was unrecognizable leading me and the team away from the colors and style of logo.

In my next post I will reveal the logo and the different type face options.